Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox

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I found this link off of WIRED Gadget Labs today and figured the Bento crowd would love it.

The concept, from designer Alex Cheong, is modular and would be fully dishwasher safe.

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Re: Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox

It's an interesting concept, but it uses a power connection to generate the heat. Whenever you have to rely on AC or DC to power anything up, it's just one more thing to fail. When it fails, it's probably unrepairable because of labor / parts cost. Then it's just a simple bento box. Nevertheless, I might get one if it's cheap.

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Re: Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox

I'll just wait until they make one that has a chargeable battery like a laptop, cellphone or digital camera, and then you flick the switch on when you want something to heat and recharge the battery at home. Having to heat up your lunch by plugging it in seems a bit inconvenient to me. Though I love the idea of a self heating lunchbox.

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Re: Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox

It's only a 'design concept', not an actual product it seems.

This reminds me of the George Foreman iGrill.


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Re: Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox

This isn't a self heating Lunch box...but its a self heating lunch bag for your bento.

Re: Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox

to me its just a bonus that it plugs into the wall to heat itself. This box is sooooo awesome and sexy. I like everything from the changeable (CLEAR! 0.o) little trays, to the pop colors used in the design. I just wish somewhere online would answer more practical questions like how much will it cost, when and WHERE :-( will it be sold, what the storage capacity is, etc. But still I'm sold.

Re: Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox

Hi there,
We’ve noticed this product concept from the 2009 Australian Design Award-James Dyson Award has caught your interest and we wanted to say thank you for the write up.
Just to give you a quick update, this project is now one of thirteen Australian product concepts that have made it through into the global James Dyson Award- a competition that spans 21 countries to identify the best young inventors from around the world. From now through till the 20th July 2009, your readers can vote for this project or another entry in the James Dyson Award on FYI- From each country, the project which receives the most votes will get an automatic entry as a shortlist and the chance to win the grand prize of £10,000 for themselves and another £10,000 for their university!

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