My sources for bento equipment (UK)

Hello everyone, I've seen several posts asking for bento sources in the UK, so I thought that rather than replying with my tips individually, I'd do a quick round-up: (1) The Japan Centre (goes without saying, really) - this is moving to Regent's Street next month. I find tJC a bit odd with some items only available online, some items only available instore, etc. But it's a great source for boxes, chopsticks w/case, forks and spoon sets, dividers, egg moulds, onigiri moulds, sauce bottles etc.
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Bento equipment in your cupboard - the spice container.

Out of despiration and the fact that some conidments (mayo, syrup, furikake) don't fit in the cute but tiny sauce fish bottles, I rummaged through my spice cupboard hoping to find something of help today. Lo! I found the lowly tiney tones sesame seed container! Peeled off the out side wrapper (just happened to peel off nicely). Wah - lah! Bigger condiment containers are now mine and locally availabe! And they can be used to pour, sprinkle or dip into! Tones, I love y'all!
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