target bento goldmine!

If you are lucky, I've seen in several Target stores small plastic containers that could easily be used for bento, and even better they are in the $1 racks! (Ok so some of it might be $2.50) However, the $1 racks vary from store to store. The one in the Palisades Mall in Rockland NY had awesome sandwich boxes with 3 compartments, 1 for the sandwich and 2 for smaller things. The two halves snapped together. There were small cyndrilical containers for cereal that have an attached folding spoon. They had a salad bowl with a special top. You fill a hole in the top with salad dressing, and when you press a button, the compartment pops open and the dressing goes on the salad. They also had small spoon and fork sets, and lots of cute silicone stuff for baking!
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