Bento Equipment

Rice cookers for Students??

Im going back to uni in september and I want to buy a rice cooker for myself to use for makeinging bentos etc.

Im also trying to slim down for my graduation in the summer and im planning to try to make bentos every day im in uni to help me contol my calorie consumption (most of the food in the uni canteen is deep fried), so i think a rice cooker would be a great investment.

I just have no idea which one would be the best for me, as I will mainly be cooking for just myself and Im on a butget.

I would really apreciate some help and sugestions as to which rice cooker to go for.

Bento in a Tumbler

Has anyone tried this? I ran into this video on youtube, and it seems like a pretty cool idea. She also mentions that this is popular among young japanese people.

A stainless steel, man-sized bento box?

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a stainless steel bento box suitable for an adult male. I'm athletic and I probably consume my major meal around lunch time so it should be on the larger size (I tend to eat sparsely at breakfast and dinner).

Non-leaking is important, it will be in a bag with my laptop! continue reading...

Lunch boxes in Germany

I'm cruising (literally) through Germany in a few weeks and would like to see what German bento chefs are using as bento boxes. I've got Japanese bento boxes, and Lock and Locks, and Wonder Bread sandwich boxes, but I am curious if German enthusiasts use something every day like Tupperware that I could pick up for my collection. I won't be in any major cities long enough to go shopping, but I will have free time in some smaller towns along the Rhine River.

bento equipment in Canada

Hello everybody - I am looking for a source for bento equipment in Canada. I have a few boxes now, but would like to be able to get more, but without the excessive shipping. I have ordered online, but the shipping often costs more than the box does. continue reading...

Question about two-tier boxes

Hi everyone,

I ordered a two-tier bento box online a couple of days ago (it hasn't arrived yet), and I'd like to know if it's possible to use just one tier, and leave the other one at home?

This is the box:

Thank you!
- Katie

Thermal bento sets

Maki wrote a great post on thermal bento sets the other day and I'm looking into them. I'm interested in the second type she reviews, where the rice and soup containers are kept warm and the others carried outside of the thermal bit.

Has anyone had any experience of these? Can you recommend any? I live in the UK if that's any help, thanks.

Chain Store Bento Gear!

Living in Alabama, there isn't much demand for bento gear here. I'd thought I'd share what gear I find at common US chains with everyone via this thread. continue reading...