Thermal bento sets

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Maki wrote a great post on thermal bento sets the other day and I'm looking into them. I'm interested in the second type she reviews, where the rice and soup containers are kept warm and the others carried outside of the thermal bit.

Has anyone had any experience of these? Can you recommend any? I live in the UK if that's any help, thanks.

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Re: Thermal bento sets

Are you asking about the jars that are carried in a thermal bag?

Muji UK are currently offering something similar
Not the prettiest set, but Muji's bento offerings can be depended on for offering decent quality build.

Or if you were asking about the lunch jars (perhaps the most effective way of keeping hot food away from cool items) there's this:

I don't have a thermal set in two 'columns', mine is more like the first kind Maki described which stacks in one (I also have one that's very similar to a Mr Bento, unfortunately, both were bought in Japan).
I'm not sure if the uninsulated jar at the top of the stack gets any hotter being there than it would by being at the side of an insulated jar as in that Muji set I linked to. I know heat rises, but both are in enclosed containers. When I want something to stay cool I just carry a separate container.

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