Bento Equipment

Filling tiny sauce bottles

The sauce bottles I bought didn't come with a dropper to fill them, but I went to the drug store and found a syringe that is normally used to dispense liquid medicine to children:

Basically this is a regular syringe with no hypodermic needle. It's marked with metric as well as imperial measurements. I found mine at CVS here in the States. It comes apart for cleaning too.

Works great!

Wal-Mart has Lock And Lock

I know, they're not the most enlightended retailer on the planet but I just want to let everyone know they sell this set for about $5.00 US:

I really like the large square one in this set, its perfect for a one layer bento.


Bento boxes in the UK (im New)

Hi Im new!!

I really want to start taking a Bento box to work, I just love them! But I cannot find a decent seller in the UK, im sorry if this has been asked time and time again!!!

Is there any where out there that does them? I am also really in to Hello Kitty so if there are some of those in the UK that would be awesome!!

Thanks again

Houston Bento Supply Store

For those of you who live in Houston, you probably know there is a large Asian community near Beltway 8 and Bellaire on the west side of town.

I was over there today, as I often am for good restaurants, and found a great store called Fit Japanese Household Items. It has a TON of Japanese items (virtually all in Japanese and no English). Containers, bags, boxes, cleaners, supplies, etc.. The list is endless.

Regarding bentos: they have MANY bento supplies (cutters, molds, dividers, etc), but a limited selection of actual bento boxes. The ones they have are geared towards children. continue reading...

Seeking Nightmare Before Christmas 2tier Bento box

My husband and daughter both want a Nightmare Before Christmas 2tier Bento box, and I had found one at , but waited too long to order and now they are gone! If anyone knows where I might find one, it would be wonderful!

Sandwich Basket Type Bento

I have a question concerning those bento boxes I've see for sandwiches. The top tier is a basket , crate-like. How does the sandwich stay fresh when packed and exposed to the air? What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for replies.


Rakuten International

Has anyone in the USA ordered from this company before? If so, what was the outcome? Thanks in advance for any input.


Looking for a bent box like "Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox"

Hey everyone,

I just read the article about the Mo:Ben box. I think it is a great box and I love the design of it. Have u ever seen a box like this one without the heating system? It would be so lovely to give me some ideas where I might can find a box like this one :)

Urs Franzi