Rice cookers for Students??

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Im going back to uni in september and I want to buy a rice cooker for myself to use for makeinging bentos etc.

Im also trying to slim down for my graduation in the summer and im planning to try to make bentos every day im in uni to help me contol my calorie consumption (most of the food in the uni canteen is deep fried), so i think a rice cooker would be a great investment.

I just have no idea which one would be the best for me, as I will mainly be cooking for just myself and Im on a butget.

I would really apreciate some help and sugestions as to which rice cooker to go for.

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Re: Rice cookers for Students??

There are small rice cookers meant for only one person, like this (http://www.walmart.com/ip/Black-Decker-3-Cup-Rice-Cooker/16416531) one. you can add vegetables into the cooking rice to add more nutritional value. A similarly sized one would do you well, and you would have a little leftover rice to freeze to boot.

Re: Rice cookers for Students??

I have a 3-cup Aroma, it's the basic cook/warm kind. I think 3 cups is perfect for 1-2 people. you'll get leftovers to save for bentos, etc. Zojirushi gets great reviews, Aroma does too. The basic ones with the glass lid, only cook/warm functions are just fine if you're on a budget.

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Re: Rice cookers for Students??

I see you are in Northern Ireland (UK) so a Walmart rice cooker isn't something you'd easily be able to get hold of.

A Japanese machine may well be out of your budget, but a Korean one might not be. Cuckoo is a well respected Korean brand.
Here are a couple of examples of machines in the 220v-240v range that can be sent directly from Korea

The £47 machine can be bought from a UK based vendor if you prefer (costs a bit more though)

I once tried using a cheap rice cooker and was not at all impressed (my parents have that machine now and use it as a steamer), I wouldn't recommend any of the £20-£30 rice cookers available in the UK.

Re: Rice cookers for Students??

I looking for a small one in Dublin at the moment. Most that I found were 10 cups and did other things. The smallest I found was the 3 cup Cuckoo one mentioned above at a Korean Shop


It's dearer than a lot of the other larger ones from the main stream outlets, and they told me that it was a basic model. Seems to be good quality and quite sturdy though. I also only want it for two people and be able to keep rice warm, without resorting to the microwave, when meals are delayed.

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