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#4 - 20090219

Today's bento.
That's all for this week. I managed to made 4 bentos as I wanted to, so objective accomplished! :) continue reading...

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#3 - 20090218

I remembered to unfreeze the rice so we could have rice today for lunch. I must say Maki's tip for freezing rice works extremely good.
To be honest, I doubted the rice would taste good but now I see I was completely mistaken. Arigatô Maki-san! ^^ continue reading...

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#2 - 20090217

I forgot to take out the frozen rice I made on sunday (again) so I had to cook pasta again!... So it was almost the same bento as yesterday but it was tastier as I didn't forget to add the dressings this time ;) continue reading...

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#1 - 20090216

This is not the first bento i made in my life but the first for my saving money plan... continue reading...

Gain weight with bentos

I know lots of people use bentos as a healthy and tasty way of losing weight, and I think that's great. But some of us have the opposite problem, we need to put weight on (don't be jealous, it aint good!). Ok so I could make one HUGE bento or just go to Mcdonalds instead, but seriously I can only eat so much and I want to do it healthily! Does anyone have any good ideas for putting weight on healthily with bentos?