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Posted on Jiza's blog :: Wed, 2009-02-18 15:25

I remembered to unfreeze the rice so we could have rice today for lunch. I must say Maki's tip for freezing rice works extremely good.
To be honest, I doubted the rice would taste good but now I see I was completely mistaken. Arigatô Maki-san! ^^


Left: plain white rice
Right top: Meat pudding (ground meat, chicken and spanish ham) and apple sauce.
Right bottom: I'm not sure how to name this. The direct translation from spanish is "green beans" but I'm not sure how to call them :)
Also, a kiwi and a banana.
I'm slowly increasing the amount of food because I find that I'm hungry by 6, and I usually start being hungry at 7 or 8. Notice, also, that people in Spain usually have lunch at 2 or 3 and dinner at 9 or 10, so it's not like I'm having lunch at 12 and stay 10 hours until dinner! ^^

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