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Posted on Jiza's blog :: Mon, 2009-02-16 15:26

This is not the first bento i made in my life but the first for my saving money plan.


Left: Color pasta salad (just pasta, olive oil and black pepper)
Right up: Apple sauce and meat pudding (made of ground meat, chicken breasts and spanish ham)
Right left: Boiled broccoli (with olive oil) and roast zuccini.
Outside: kiwi.

Preparation time: this took like 30 minutes because I had to boil the pasta this morning.
Next time I'll put some fresh cheese in the salad and some kashews.

My husband's bento had the same food, but more quantity :)

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Re: #1 - 20090216

Mmm looks yum ^_^ Man, I haven't had pasta in ages...
Btw, I love your box! So many partitions!

Re: #1 - 20090216

That box is cool! It came with little trays to make it easier to assemble the bento and in the left side it also had a "onigiri press mold" so you just put the rice, press and voilĂ ! *n_n*

I'm trying to look for another one but i don't find itttt T_T

Re: #1 - 20090216

Lokks nice! Is it only me, or is the pic a little big?

Re: #1 - 20090216

Yeah i don't know how to reduce it :(

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