Pea Pods

I bought some peas in pods this week (I was in a hurry and just thought 'Ooh, massive sugar snap peas!' D'oh!) and very much enjoyed the theraputic activity that is podding peas. I was podded a load last night to make this for the umpteenth time: but was feeling a little guilty for chucking out the pods. I even gave one a nibble and it was nice, but a little tougher than those of peas that are cultivated to be eaten in their pods - obviously! continue reading...

Houston Bento Supply Store

For those of you who live in Houston, you probably know there is a large Asian community near Beltway 8 and Bellaire on the west side of town.

I was over there today, as I often am for good restaurants, and found a great store called Fit Japanese Household Items. It has a TON of Japanese items (virtually all in Japanese and no English). Containers, bags, boxes, cleaners, supplies, etc.. The list is endless.

Regarding bentos: they have MANY bento supplies (cutters, molds, dividers, etc), but a limited selection of actual bento boxes. The ones they have are geared towards children. continue reading...

Bento Boxes in Sioux Falls, SD (USA)

Hubby and I found bento boxes here in Sioux Falls, SD. I was absolutely floored! We found a few very cute kids ones at Kidtopia. Needless to say I bought a couple!

Pictures here and here.

Their website isn't working yet. But the store was fun and had delightful unique toys and darling Hello Kitty things too.

Anyway - thought I'd share!

First day back at work bento suggestions?

I'm starting work tomorrow after taking nearly 4 years off to stay home with my kids. Any suggestions of things that I can prepare tonight? I'm used to fluffing around a lot in the morning and having tons of time to prepare the kids' lunches because they didn't have to be at creche till ten, now we all have to be out of the house by eight.

I'm going shopping tonight, so I'm open to anything, and we're omnvivores who also eat tofu (most people we know think that is weird). I'll be making two preschooler bentos, and one each for my husband and me.

Thanks in advance!

Also looking for a certain bento blog!

I am looking for a bento blog that is about Japanese school lunches or Kyushoku. The woman that blogs about this takes almost daily pictures and descriptions of the lunch that is provided for her at the elementary/preschools that she visits. She sometimes puts up a menu from an American school lunch too, for comparisison. Ring any bells?
Thank you in advance!

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What to do with Tofu?

During Maki's Veggie month, I dedicated three out of the seven days of the week to just eat vegetables and fruits. So, it was kinda like being a vegetarian for half the week. Even though, I was thrilled about the month's theme, this was even more exciting! It was a out-of-whim call to do, but in the end it paid off.

After twenty-nine days of this half vegetarian/ half omnivore, I decided to go 100% vegetarian. Risky.. yes... but this site has enough yummies to satisfy me. :]

So! Onto the reason of the blog: since I went vegetarian, I bought a block of firm tofu.... continue reading...

Bentos and Vegetables.

Hi everyone.
I'm not great at eating my vegetables and always had a problem with them as a child, but i would like to fill my bentos with more that just meat and carbs! Does anyone have any recipes i can try with veg that i might actually enjoy?

I tried the Maple red peppers but i wasnt so sure and i'm contemplating the orange juice carrots. So if anyone has any other suggestions i'm up for it! :D

Got another idea...

Got another recipe idea. I normally cook this for my family but I was thinking about changing it up some.
1 1/2 lb. ground beef
garlic salt
1/2 of an onion
garlic clove
ground pepper
6 medium potatos
3 beef boul. cubes (prepare with 2 1/2 cups water instead of 3 cups)
1 box beef broth

Brown ground beef with onion, garlic, garlic salt, parsley, and pepper. Use as much of the spices as you want because when you add the beef boul. and the beef broth it will reduce the spices. continue reading...