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A list of bentos from no. 61 onwards featured so far on Just Bento. See also:

The following values are indicated for each bento:

  • Time needed: The approximate time needed in the morning to prepare the bento. More time might be required to make things in advance.
  • Calories: The approximate calories in the bento, providing the amounts indicated are used.
  • Type: The cuisine type.
  • Vegan/Vegetarian/Omnivore (type of main protein used): So you can pick the ones that suit your dietary needs. (Omnivores, don't reject the vegan options out of hand - I'm an omnivore and these are vegan bentos I enjoy eating!)

Most rice-based bentos are gluten-free, but see the instructions for details. For Japanese recipes, make sure you are using gluten-free types of soy sauce, miso and so on if you are seriously allergic.

bento_81_thumb.jpg Bento no. 81: Bean sprout burger bento with favorites. Time needed: 5-10 minutes in the morning. Calories: 630. Type: Japanese, classic, rice based. Link.

bento_80_thumb.jpg Bento no. 80: Deconstructed bánh mi sandwich bento. Time needed: 5-10 minutes in the morning. Calories: 510. Type: Asian, deconstructed sandwich, bread-based. Link.

bento_79_thumb.jpg Bento no. 79: Low-carb, gluten free sandwich bento. Time needed: 30 minutes in the morning if everything if made from scratch (recommend making 'bread' in advance'. Calories: 650. Type: Low carb, gluten-free, alternative sandwiches Link.

bento_78_thumb.jpg Bento no. 78: Vegan low-carb bento. Time needed: 30 minutes in the morning if everything is made on the spot. Calories: 250. Type: Japanese, vegan, low-carb, low-calorie, gluten-free! Link.

bento_76_thumb.jpg Bento no. 77: A simple bento assembled from freezer stash and leftovers. Time needed: 5-10 minutes in the morning. Calories: 490. Type: Not really Japanese, made-ahead, omnivore. Link.

bento_76_thumb.jpg Bento no. 76: A bento made almost entirely in a rice cooker. Time needed: 5-10 minutes in the morning, 5-10 minutes prep time the night before, plus 20-30 minutes cooking time. Calories: 380. Type: Japanese, rice cooker bento, omnivore. Link.

bento_75_thumb.jpg Bento no. 75: An entirely made-ahead bento featuring mini cabbage rolls. Time needed: 5-10 minutes in the morning. Calories: 405. Type: Japanese, make-ahead, omnivore. Link.

bento_74_thumb.jpg Bento no. 74: 5 minute, no stash, no stress beginner bento, omnivore. Time needed: 5 minutes in the morning. Calories: 460. Type: not Japanese, deconstructed sandwich, for beginners. Link.

bento_73_thumb.jpg Bento no. 73: Asparagus salad and quinoa spring bento. Time needed: 25-30 minutes the night before, 10-15 minutes in the morning. Calories: 490. Type: not Japanese, alternative grains, gluten-free. Link.

bento_72_thumb.jpg Bento no. 72: Sakura Love Kyoto Style Barazushi Bento. Time needed: 15-20 the night before, 15 minutes in the morning, plus staple. Calories: 635. Type: Japanese with a twist, fish, no meat. Link.

bento_70c_thumb.jpg Bento. 71: Tiger Corn Muffin and Soup Bento. Time needed: 25-30 minutes to decorate the muffins. Calories: 510. Type: not Japanese, theme, charaben, muffins, lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Link.

bento_70c_thumb.jpg Bento. 70: Even Kale Can Be A Christmas Bento. Time needed: 5-10 minutes in the morning. Calories: 460. Type: Omnivore (bacon), not Japanese, winter, seasonal. Link.

bento_69_thumb.jpg Bento no. 69: A Day At The Farm bento. Time needed: 20-30 minutes. Calories: 410. Type: Omnivore (sausages), charaben, not Japanese. Link

bento_68_thumb.jpg Bento no. 68: Chicken karaage lollipops and gift-wrapped onigiri picnic bento. Time needed: 10-15 minutes the night before, 10-15 minutes in the morning. Calories: 580. Type: Omnivore (chicken), picnic, Japanese. Link

bento_67_thumb.jpg Bento no. 67: Vegetarian bento with zucchini two ways. Time needed: 10-15 minutes in the morning. Calories: 550. Type: Vegetarian (tofu, egg batter on fritters, brown rice), Japanese with a twist. Link

bento_66_thumb.jpgBento no. 66: Vegan iri dofu donburi bento. Time needed: 5-10 minutes in the morning. Calories: 465. Type: Vegan (tofu, brown rice), Japanese. Link

bento_65_thumb.jpgBento no. 65: Pink, green and yellow spring bento featuring green pea rice and salted salmon. Time needed: 10 minutes the night before, 15 minutes in the morning. Calories: 460. Type: Omnivore (salmon, egg), Japanese. Link.

bento_64_thumb.jpgBento no. 64: Miso marinated pork bento. Time needed: 15-20 minutes in the morning, plus time to marinate the pork (overnight; process the night before). Calories: 570. Type: Omnivore (pork, egg), Japanese Link

bento_62_thumb.jpgBento no. 63: Back to Basics Chicken Skewer Bento. Time needed: 10-15 minutes in the morning. Calories: 400. Type: Omnivore (chicken), Japanese. Link

bento_62_thumb.jpgBento no. 62: Meatloaf and pasta bento. Time needed: 10-15 minutes in the morning. Calories: 490 for regular bento portion, 840 for large portion. Type: Omnivore (meatloaf, cheese in pasta), not Japanese, pasta based. Link

bento_61_thumb.jpgBento no. 61: Chicken Wing Bento. Time needed: 10-15 minutes in the morning. Calories: 690 for large portion. Type: Omnivore (chicken, yogurt, cheese), gluten free, not Japanese. Link

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I love this site!!!!
I recently became interested in bentos and couldn't for the life of me find resources that would explain - in simple terms - how to make one. And then I stumbled upon JustBento and Just Hungry!
I can tell you, from then on I was no longer confused with the bento making process.
So thank you very much for all of the information, insightful tips, and fantastic recipes!! And keep up the good work!!
A Regular Reader


Thank you Heather :) I'm glad the sites are useful for you!

I LOVE this site!!

I also have just gotten extremely interested in making bentos! Normally I would have plain turkey and cheese sandwiches EVERY single day (I don't know how I lived on that up to this point, honestly XD) since I don't have much time because of school, but since this year is my senior yr (I'm 17 lol) I have more time to cook and such =) Cooking is fun and I love cute things like the Sanrio characters (I'm Chinese)~ <3 This site has taught me how to eat healthy and not be as picky as I used to be. I love your recipes-they are VERY helpful! Some times I don't feel like having asian food all the time, so I like that you have variations with Italian, Mexican, and American as well :D

The next recipe I'm going to try is the bento sized quiche. I can't make pastry dough to save my life (I'm not sure why but they always turn out wrong! too buttery or something) so I plan on buying pastry dough squares. Btw, how many calories are in one of those quiches? .__.

Re: Bento archive list (3)

I love justbento!! I was inspired by you, and have started making bentos for lunchtime at school! But I find that when I reach home, my lunchbox starts to stink like mad. I have to wash it many times before the stench goes away. Have you ever had this problem before?

Re: Bento archive list (3)

Don't know if you're still reading this or not, but maybe, it will help someone with the same problem. Pack a clothes dryer sheet in a plastic zip baggie. When you're done with your meal, rinse out the box, dry it, and stuff the sheet inside, closing the lid. (If you don't have a water source, just do your best to scrape it dry.) The sheet will absorb the smells until you can get the box to a dishwasher. I had a stinky backpack for awhile until I figured this one out.

Re: Bento archive list (3)

I love these bento! I also especially like how you include basic things like if the food is vegetarian or not. I'm picky, so I just look for the Japanese bento. Well, bento is japanese so the food should be too!

Re: Bento archive list (3)

this is amazing I bought your book and just discovered your site and im really looking forward to learning more about bento, it really sparks my interest and I hope one day I can make creative and delicious bento's like yours (btw Im a lac-to-ova vegetarian so its really hard to find bentos without meat, your site helps alot)

Re: Bento archive list (3)

The way you give number to those bentos kinda remind me of 'Yakitate Japan'....

Seriously, all the bentos you made look so good! I really want to try making some bento too if I ever get my hand on the ingredients...

Re: Bento archive list (3)

I have always wanted to try making bentos but thought they would be too hard to tackle, I'm not the best cook! However I just tried making the Bento number 67 with the zuccini and it came out great. I love this site!

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