Bento no. 38: Onigiri bento box in action - Okowa sticky rice onigiri


Bento contents:

Total calories (approx): 460 (how calories are calculated)

Time needed: 10-15 minutes in the morning

Type: Japanese, omnivore (chicken, egg)

(Oops, I misnumbered the two recent bento! This should be no. 38, if you’re counting. I’ve changed the title but not the URL.)

Here is another example of an onigiri (rice ball) based bento, packed into an onigiri bento box. I made a batch of okowa, adding some chopped cooked leftover chicken to the the basic recipe, formed it into 1/2 cup-portion plastic wrap method onigiri, and froze it. Because of the extra-glutinous nature of sticky rice and the addition of a little oil to the rice, okowa freezes and defrosts beautifully. Since okowa does contain oil and is preseasoned, it’s not necessary to moisten the plastic or salt it to form the onigiri.

Each okowa rice ball is almost a complete meal unto itself, but I supplemented it with lots of vegetables in the side dish compartment, plus a tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelete) with green onion mixed in.

The only thing I made fresh in the morning was the tamagoyaki - the green beans are made the night before, and the frozen okowa onigiri are defrosted.

To make this into a vegan bento, omit the chicken from the okowa and leave out the tamagoyaki (you could replace it with a vegan protein dish, such as black bean mini burgers.)

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Looks fantastic!

does rice make u fat?

looks delicious! but eating this would make me feel guilty. i love rice. but lately, at least in america, everyone is saying to cut back on rice & carbs. please tell me they are wrong! i’m trying to lose 15 lbs.

I think it’s important to

I think it’s important to eat a balanced diet and exercise moderately…I don’t really subscribe to the theory of there being magic food combinations. Above all, any kind of eating plan has to be sustainable over a long period, and include food I loved, like onigiri. :) (Standard disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional.)

Okowa cheater...

I must admit that I cheat when I make okowa onigiri by using Polish jarred salad veggies. They’re already cooked and cut up for me and the vinegar is flavoured and…there. I feel better for having made that confession. So much so I think I’ll make this, with your tamagoyaki, for bentos tomorrow.

Also going to try the black bean mini burgers. Yummy!

your diet that has been fed

your diet that has been fed to u since birth as well as genetics and things determine if u get fat. i dont pay attention to what has what calories or if something has carbs. the main thing is to be satisfied by what you have. if ur satisfied you wont want anything else for awhile and it will give you the boost of energy you need. of course it is always helpful if u watch out for or add things to your meal if u think it will make what youre eating healthier.

Re: Bento no. 38: Onigiri bento box in action - Okowa ...

I am kinda new at this so this might sound like a dumb question. I was wondering if there is meant to be a dip for the onigiri made with plain rice or is there some seasoning in the water when the rice is made? Or are they just meant to be eaten plain? - sorry if this sounds silly i am just really curious

Re: Bento no. 38: Onigiri bento box in action - Okowa ...

These particular onigiri are made with flavored rice with all kinds of things in it, including chicken. See the okowa recipe. Onigiri made with plain rice most often have fillings and are also salted on the outside. There are several articles here about onigiri - you may want to start with the onigiri FAQ. Hope that helps!

Brilliant! I just love onigiri!

Thanks for the excellent recipe! I just love onigiri and I don't believe that eating too much rice makes you fat as long as you eat a 50/50 percent of rice and the rest of your meal! There's no harm in any food, unless you stop eating it!! :D

Re: Bento no. 38: Onigiri bento box in action - Okowa ...

I'm new to your page and loving it. I'm planning on making a special bento for a friend of mine who is coming for a visit in a few months who just loves japanese food. But i need a lot of practice to make sure it is right before then. So i'm going to be going threw your recipices and taste testing alot of them.
My son is going to love it. He loves onigiri so far.

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