Get Started Bento Challenge

Challenge Week 4 Talk

The Week 4 Challenge details are up! This week's focus is Bentos for Others. This may not apply to you if you are just making bentos for yourself, so feel free (as always) to focus on your own goals this week!

Week 4 officially starts on Monday, Feb. 2.

Also, if you have any tips and ideas for bentos for your kids, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother, sister, parent, etc...please share!

Challenge Week 3 Wrapup Reports

Well, it is Friday evening again here in New Zealand. Time for those of us in the early parts of the world to start posting our reports on Week 3 of the 5 Week Bento Challenge.

We're over half way now.

Week 3 Challenge Motivation~What is lurking in your cupboard?

(From the forum)

Part of this weeks budget challenge for me is to keep my weekly shop to the bare minimum by digging deep into my cupboards and seeing what I can use. For my bentos I am going to tackle at least some long ignored canned tuna, and some tofu.

But I do have a few other oddities like the jar of pickled cockles that someone gave to me. ???

Tell us! What is lurking in your cupboard that you can use and/or what is the strangest thing you have hanging about? :)

Challenge Week 3 Talk

The Week 3 Challenge details are live! Week 3 officially starts on Monday, January 26th.

Don’t forget to wrap up your Week 2 before tackling Week 3.

The third week of anything is the toughest, so hang in there!

I’ve seen that a few people are feeling a bit overwhelmed. I am repeating myself but please, remember that this is for you, it’s not a competition against other people. continue reading...

Challenge Week 2 Wrapup Reports

On behalf of Maki, who is tearing her hair out, I'd like to declare the Week 2 Wrapup Report section open for business.

Challenge Week 2 Talk

The Week 2 Challenge is now up! Read it here!

Remember to reflect back and review your Week 1 first on the Report topic. Then tell us what you plan to do for Week 2 right here.

And, only tackle the level you feel capable of! This is not a contest, it's all about YOU!

Challenge Week 1 Wrapup Reports

It's already Friday! Post your wrapups, thoughts etc. about how Week 1 went for you here! (If you blogged about it post the link to your blog entry or entries here too!)

What I Had For Lunch - Tuesday 1/13

I am having white bean tempeh mini burgers, macaroni and cheese (from a box! I am not in the diet challenge) and bok choy stirfried with onions, sesame chili oil, and chunks of granny smith apple. And probably a tangerine and a juice spritzer.

I'm using my 700-ml stainless steel bento box, so I heated it up in a toaster oven that I'm not supposed to have in my office. So far three people have asked me what I'm up to that smells so good. I'm fine so long as I hide the toaster again when I'm done!

Come on, other camera-less, blog-less bento makers! What did you eat on Day 1?