Get Started Bento Challenge

Weight Loss Post Challenge

I know personally I was not able to lose any weight during the challenge, but for some reason in the two subsequent weeks I lost 7 lb.

So I was wondering how other people have been fairing, have the habits that you developed during the challenge helped with continued weight loss? Or maybe there are other people like me that only after two months of counting calories (...again) was there any weight loss?

27th February Wrapup for Late Starters and Follow-ups

I'm posting this a little early this week, I'm about to hop into my car and drive to Christchurch (four hours away) for a weekend of motorcycle racing. No, I'm not racing, I'm "pit crew" aka "having a good time".

I hope everyone is still keeping up the good work. continue reading...

20th February Wrapup for Late-Starters

Anyone who started the challenge late, or who wishes to continue after week 5, can put their week's wrapup here.

I'll keep posting weekly wrapups for as long as there is a demand.

So...did you lose any weight during the Challenge?

Just checking to see if those of you following the weight loss track managed to lose some weight!

For of this morning, 3kg (about 6.6 pounds)! I'm happy with that, though I was sort of hoping for 10 lb. But slow and steady is good! And, I did do let's say quite a lot of extra sampling...(for recipe development and shooting purposes...the perils of running Just Bento. ^_^)

How about you?

Challenge Week 5 (sniff) Wrapup Reports (sniff, sob)

This is it! The end of the official Five Week Getting Started Bento Challenge. Or should that be the inaugural Five Week Challenge? Time will tell.

In addition to telling us about your final week's successes and (hopefully few) failures, let us know how you see yourself using the forum in the future. Do people still want to post once a week to an [insert date here] wrapup/roundup/chat type of post? Do you have other ideas? Please let us know.

Challenge Week 5 Talk

Hard to believe, but it’s the final week of the Get Started Challenge. Week 5 details are here. Week 5 officially starts on Monday, February 9th. and ends on Sunday, Feb. 16th.

Don’t forget to wrap up week 4 first!

Besides your individual goals and thoughts, a couple of questions for you all: continue reading...

  • What are the one or two best reasons for you to make bentos a part of your life?

Challenge Week 4 Wrapup Reports

It's the end of week 4 already here in New Zealand. Actually it was the end of the week last night for most people - it is Waitangi Day, our National Holiday, so no one (well hardly anyone) is at work.

One more week to go. I wonder what Maki has in store for us - and I wonder how many of us will keep going after the end of week 5. I know I intend to.

How did everyone get on with making bentos for picky men and kids this week? And how is the weight loss going?

Week 4 - Picky Eater Foods

This week’s challenge theme is bentos for other people. One thing that can be very difficult to deal with is if the bento recipient is a picky eater. Especially if the picky eater is YOU!

If you have to deal with picky eaters (including you), what bento-friendly foods can you think of that might, or do, get eaten by those pain in the… I mean, choosy people?