Sanrio character bento contest

Oh rats. It seems I’ve missed the deadline for submissions for the 2nd edition of the Sanrio Kyaraben Contest, which was on the 7th. Well ok, I’m kidding - since cute kyaraben or character bentos are not really my style. I do admire them as a sort of edible art form though - the time and patience required to make something that will, ultimately, be eaten in a few minutes (more often than not by a kid who will stir it around and mess it up first) is mindboggling.

This bento was the grand prize winner of the first edition of the contest, starring of course, Her Royal Kittyness. Wow, just wow.


Check out the other winners on this page. The winners for this year’s round are said to be announced on or around April 10th. I’m looking forward to it.

Incidentally, I found out about the contest via this blog, by another amazing kyaraben artist. Check out her Valentine’s Day bento with tiny yellow chick onigiris with pink ham hearts (wings?) on their backs! Wow, just wow. She says she has entered the Sanrio contest - judging from her work I’d say she has a great chance at a prize.

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Am I seeing things?

Is that Hello Kitty dressed in some sort of a Totoro headdress? I haven’t made bento for a while because I hardly ever have time to eat lunch at school, but I’d never be able to make a balanced meal if I was also working towards what it really looked like, other than just looking pretty with colors and general food placement.

I think Kitty is probably

I think Kitty is probably dressed in a bunny suit…though it could be a Totoro suit too.

Actually, since the rules

Actually, since the rules state that entries may not show non-Sanrio characters, I guess it could even be a Hello Kitty dressed as My Melody?


o akinoichigo made kiiroi

o akinoichigo made kiiroi tori (Rilakkuma) onigiri. That’s awesome

That is so cute! I love that

That is so cute! I love that little chick bento.

awesome bento!

it’s beautiful.. i wish i knew/could make such beautiful bentos. I tried your bacon wrapped tofu. taste is great, just that mine didn’t look pretty. ^^; thanks for sharing such wonderful information


I’ve seen these bento boxes around, but I never knew they were part of a contest!

Speaking of which, you mgiht be interested in another competition SanrioTown’s come up with for the month of February. The grand prize is a limited edition Hello Kitty USB drive, which you can’t get anywhere else (apparently). Click on the link I provided for more information about the competition.

how to get pink sushi rice?

the blogger’s bento is so nice but unfortunately everything is in japanese langauage and i can’t read… i am just curious how she managed to dye the rice pink? do u have any idea? cos i also want to attempt doing it..

pink rice

She’s using either a product called “Obento Batake”, a naturally colored sprinkle product for rice from Mitsukan, which isn’t available outside of Japan (and may be discontinued there too), or just red food coloring. The “Obento batake” she’s using is based on yukari (red shiso leaf powder) which is available at Japanese grocery stores, so you could try playing with that. I have a couple of other ideas about natural food colorings but need to work on that a bit more. :)

thanks for your reply.. i

thanks for your reply.. i guess i shall try hunting at the japanese groceries stores in singapore then… i ahve a couple of ideas too.. eg.. orange maybe from carrots-boiled water? how about the yellow rice? i was tinking it might be just coating the rice with egg yolk while its hot.. perhaps you might want to share with me some of your ideas?

colored rice

i’ve seen beet juice listed in sushi books before as a way to colour rice

Re: Sanrio character bento contest

So cute!!!!! I totally saved this picture. <3

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