Recipe collection: Mains

This section contains recipes for main okazu, the star of your bento box. Usually the main is some kind of protein, but you’ll also find some carb-and-protein combination recipes too. There are vegetarian and omnivore choices for you here! The recipes here are particularly well suited to bentos.

To fill out your bento box, see the sides and space fillers section.

For foods that can be made in advance and stocked, in the freezer, refrigerator or pantry, see the johbisai (staples) section.

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Re: Recipe collection: Mains

I used to live in Hawaii and I used to get a bento almost every day from this Japanese kiosk. The fillers always slightly changed, but my favourite was this green pea filler which was deliciously sweet. Almost like candied peas. They went so well with the salty and savory parts of my bento. I miss those delicious little sweet peas so much! Are you familiar with this recipe? If so I would love to learn what it is so that I can make it myself and put it in my bentos. Thanks! ^ ^

Re: Recipe collection: Mains

So I'm a 20 year old athlete and I want to start getting into making bento for myself and my 3 other roommates as we all split the costs for food, but I look through all the recipes and I don't really know where to start. I don't have an abundant amount of cash at my disposal for the sake of making meals, but I believe that through the process of making Bento, we can save money so we can make higher quality meals for ourselves. So where should I start?

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