Bento no. 46: Stewed chicken dumpling bento


Bento contents:

  • Approx. 1 cup of white rice, 200 cal, with a little furikake on top
  • Stewed chicken dumplings and carrot using about 90g of dark skinless chicken meat, 120 cal
  • Blanched green beans, 30 cal
  • 2 cherry tomatoes, 5 cal (if that)

Total calories (approx): 355 (how calories are calculated)

Time needed: 5-10 minutes in the morning, just to pack everything in the bento box

Type: Japanese, chicken!

This is a bento that uses one of the chicken recipes I’ve posted, little chicken dumplings stewed with carrots (tsukune-ni). The recipe takes about 20 minutes to cook, but since it is a bid fiddly it’s best made in advance. It keeps for 2-3 days in the refrigerator, and can also be frozen quite successfully. What I usually end up doing is making enough for dinner, with ‘planned leftovers’ for the next day’s bento. The soft dumplings go marvelously well with rice.

Note that I have use the higher-fat dark meat of the chicken here, but the bento still clocks in under 400 calories since no added oil is used for cooking. For bigger appetites, just pack more of everything.

You can also boil the green beans (or other green vegetable) the night before. Since the stewed dumplings have lots of flavor I don’t add any to the green beans; instead, I pack it under the dumplings, and drizzle a bit of the stewing liquid over both.

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I made these last weekend and packed them most of the week for lunches. Deelish! Thanks for sharing this new (for me) way to make the most of an less expensive cut of chicken!

Variation on chicken dumplings

Maki Thank you for inspiring me yet again: I made the little chicken dumplings yesterday, following your recipe but substituting minced pollack for chicken as I don’t eat meat. I had been deep sea fishing on Sunday and while pollack, like all fresh fish, is good, it’s not wildly exciting. Faced with a surplus, I made these lovely carrot-y gingery stewed dumplings, and I was delighted with the result, so thank you for yet another useful recipe. Delicious, yet virtuous…

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