Furikake stencils

I recently bought a few packets of stencils for sprinkling furikake to make trains, cats or rabbits. Stupidly, I read the instructions once then threw them out before actually using it. When I went to try it, the furikake didn't stay anywhere I wanted it too, and what was there came off when I took away the stencil. What's the trick?

Katsuo Furikake?

Alright... I don't usually impulse buy foods online that I've never tried, but I did this time and I'm really regretting it. I ordered Katsuo Furikake, thinking "Oh, that sounds great!" only to open it, sniff, and become repulsed at the aroma. Will it keep its retched smell over time or will it subside? Would anyone want to buy this off of me? $2.00 (was bought for $2.19? plus s&h ? 0_0?
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