Wellington New Zealand - New sushi/bento takeaway!

Friends of mine are opening a take out shop in Featherston St, Wellington (New Zealand) on Tuesday 17th August. It's called Yoshi's Sushi and Bento, which is great, because a lot of sushi places here sell 'bento' but there is not a lot of variety. Yoshi is a Japanese chef who has worked in several great Japanese restaurants in Wellington, so the food will defintely be authentic. If you're from Wellington or passing through (New Zealand is a great holiday destination) check it out. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wellington-New-Zealand/Yoshi-Sushi-Bento/143600252329393?ref=ts#!/pages/Wellington-New-Zealand/Yoshi-Sushi-Bento/143600252329393?ref=ts&__a=11&ajaxpipe=1
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