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Back To School Week Giveaway Winners!


I think it’s safe to say that Back To School Week was a tremendous success. I hope everyone had fun entering all the giveaways, and that enjoyed the special features too: My Top 10 Bento Rules, Comparing Bento Box Materials, and How to select the right size bento box before buying.

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Back To School Week Giveaway from...JustBento!


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Back To School Week Giveaway from Bento&co


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Maki's Top 10 Bento Rules

Pink, green and yellow spring bento

To round out Back To School Week, here are my top 10 rules for bento making. They are the rules or philosophies that guide all the content that you see on JustBento. A version of these rules appear at the top of The Just Bento Cookbook too. They’re the rules I try to live by in my daily bento life.

Sometimes I stray away from them when my life goes haywire - like trying to renovate an old house in a foreign country, and then getting infected by an insect bite which turns into a zombie bite…well you know, things happen. But I when I can return to these rules, I know that life is nice and normal again. continue reading...

Back To School Week Giveaway from From Japan With Love


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Back To School Week Giveaway from CasaBento


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Back To School Special Offer from Japonmania


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