Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^


Remember back in August, when we did a week of Back To School articles and giveaways? The last giveaway, which received the most entries/comments by far, was for my book. Unfortunately, despite repeated attempts to contact the winner, it’s gone unclaimed. The poor book feels very sad and unwanted, like Anne Shirley when she arrived at Green Gables the first time.

So…I’ve decided to have another drawing! What’s up for grabs, as before: a signed copy of The Just Bento Cookbook. To enter, leave a comment to this post. Email subscribers: you must click through to the site and leave a comment, not reply by email; I will discard all email replies!.

Be sure to put a valid email address where you can be reached in the appropriate text box (the one that says “E-mail”). In the subject of the comment, tell us where you’re from (town/state/country - nothing too specific!) To make it a bit more fun, answer this question too: If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

Your comment/entry must be in before 23:59:59 CET (just before midnight of Friday, October 15, 2010. That’s right, you have only 2 days to enter! In addition, you must claim your prize before Monday, October 17 if you want your signed copy ASAP, because I’m leaving home for a few weeks then. (If I don’t hear back from the winner before Monday, she or he will have to wait until December for me to send out the book.) I’ll announce the winner soon after midnight CET on Saturday, October 16 - which will be after 6pm Eastern time/3pm Pacific time on Friday. This one will go fast! Good luck!

(The winner has been announced! Thank you to everyone who participated - sorry if you didn’t win ^_^;)

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Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?
I have no doubt: Italian style potato flan! It's basically a dish of a base layer of mashed potatoes mixed with an egg and flavoured with nutmeg, then a layer of ham, a layer of mozzarella, another layer of the potato mix on top, and then sprinkled with breadcrumbs and cooked in the oven till the mozzarella is all melted and the top is nicely brown and crusty *_* my mouth waters at the mere thought of it!
And since it's pretty good cold too, I often bake it in single portion dishes and carry it to work as lunch :)

Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?

You know i really would like say a large bento box with a single serving of every food in the world. That way i wouldnt miss all the great foods. But my first pick from that box (if it didnt melt) would be fried ice cream(<3xforever) and then i would next eat breaded veil with alfredo in white sauce with a side of fried eggplant and then some melon bread because i never had that before.

If those things could fit in bento box that would be my dreams come true. Why in a bento box you ask? because bento boxes seem really awesome and it would be my first to experience a box of delicious goodies!


Hi - My last meal would be takoyaki and Hiyokos. I haven't been to Japan in several years and miss my favorite foods!
Thank you.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Homemade roasted tomato soup. So simple but so so good.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hello! I'm from SLC, Utah :P

For my last meal before i die.... dang, that's hard! .... i would have a 5 course meal from my favorite international cuisines:

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I think I would have to have a whole smorgasboard of foods: sushi, smelly cheeses, crusty bread, red wine, Godiva chocolates. Mmmmm. Now I'm hungry.

I'd love a copy of the book. I'm relatively new to bento and am always looking for new ideas!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I think I would have a Parisian picnic, with good cheese, good wine, a perfect baguette, some seasonal fruit, dried meat and some artisanal chocolates for desert. :)

Lunalil (from Atlanta Ga USA)

Des Moines, Iowa, USA

hmm if I'd have to say my moms spaghetti, I just love it so much and she barely makes it(she doesn't like the way it takes but I love it soo much :D)!!!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

thanks for all the great recipes...

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Je m'en vais répondre en français pour te donner de l'exercice et aussi parce que je ne sais pas comment le dire en anglais.

Un filet mignon en croute avec une sauce aux morilles accompagné de pommes de terre sautées et de fagots d'haricots au lard.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I guess a last meal would have some serious nostalgic value, so I'd probably pick macaroni and feta cheese, the way I used to eat them when I was a kid.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I think I'll go with fugu for my last meal, because I'll probably never try it otherwise for fear of getting the one tainted piece-- but if I'm destined to death anyway, who cares? Oh, and an avocado boba tea, because I love those things.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Konnichi wa! from Barcelona/Spain

My last meal would probably be spaghetti carbonara, tons of sushi and something with foie. For dessert I'd go for something that here's called "Death by Chocolate"

Novi Sad, Serbia

It's a tough question since I really enjoy food, it's hard to pick just one. My mum makes delicious croissants with homemade sausages and that's my pick.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia!

Last meal.....lots of umami! If I knew it would be my last meal, I'd want to make it count by being super rich, something French maybe, like cassolet or confit.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If I were going to be executed tomorrow, I would eat all the sukiyaki I possibly could! I really love sukiyaki, and there's a wonderful Japanese place in my town called Sushi Zanmai that does their version wonderfully! It also a lot of fun to do, like fondue, so I would have all my friends get together and make some final memories, too.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Just received my copy from Bento&Co actually. And I have to say, I LOVE it! I really enjoy your philosophy about food in general and especially bentos. Love the easy to do recipes and the great ideas for every day meals!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Steamed green beans and asparagus, honeyed carrot and capscium strips served with pan fried trevally fillets. Healthy..yes...last
Entree: Passionfruit cheesecake
Main: Sticky date pudding with ice cream
And a light dessert: Chocolate Souffle!

I'm from Italy

My last meal would surely be kitsune udon, because everyone keep telling me how delicious is, and I still haven't managed to eat some! But I'd also love some fried rice and a rice omelette!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If I was executed tomorrow..... I think I would eat as many "Pförtchen" (spehre formed pancake like little things, eaten with "Ampfelmuß", I cannot finde the right word in english) as I possibly could. Or a long meal of many dishes to expande the remaining time :) .

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

California, USA
Chicken katsu curry, medium spicy, Pepperoni mushroom pizza, Chicken alfredo, Cheeseburger, Burger with blue cheese, BBQ chips, Fried chicken,
Biscuits and gravy, Creme Brulee, Coconut cake, Chocolate chip cookie, Garlic bread, Chicken picatta, Shepard's pie, Peach Cobbler, Caesar salad, Gyoza, Rice, Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Cashews, Peanuts, Macaroni and cheese, Onion rings, Spaghetti and meatballs

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^; Christchurch New Zealand

If I was going to be executed the next day, there is nowhere else I would rather be than home. And so,
my last meal would be my Grandma's home cooked meal of stir fried chinese vege, steamed free range chicken (with pounded ginger, shallot oil and soy sauce), lotus root soup and not forgetting a glorious bowl of white rice.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm dying to own this book, been looking over it, checking the pre-order prices, many times at amazon and my local bookstores in Malaysia. It's too expensive to own the book. Luckily when I check again here today, there's this 'Claim this poor orphaned book' Yeh, I may have a chance to own it! I live in Selangor, Malaysia. I'm just starting to learn cooking some Japanese food and trying making bento for my son. If this will be my last meal, I just want my daily type of meal, a fish dish, rice, vegetables and soup..Nothing grand, who can really enjoy their last meal huh ? I hope there'll be more simple Japanese bento recipes that don't have to use too many Japanese ingredients, or if possible there'll be substitutes for it. Japanese ingredients are very expensive and difficult to get here. Thanks

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Perth, Australia

Last meal hey? Let's go a pseudo degustation. :P
- Natural oysters and lightly seared scallops
- Sharks fin soup
- Tetsuya's smoked trout with avruga caviar and egg yolk
- Mee sua with rice wine chicken soup
- A perfectly cooked wagyu steak (fat just nicely rendered) with sansho pepper berry paste on the side
- Tempoyak fried with shallots and fresh chilli (or bittersweet and custardy fresh durian) with sticky rice
- Tiramisu
- Green tea and/or a chili hot chocolate

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^-----Stanwood, WA, USA

If I was to be executed tomorrow I would want to eat a traditional thanksgiving dinner like when I was little. Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, rolls and my grandma's red potatoes and peas in cream sauce. Definately not your traditional bento fare but it's something I look forward to all year long and brings back memories.

Earth, originally, but currently Hawai'i.

If I were to be executed tomorrow, I would definitely eat rice and salted salmon. Thanks for the recipe, Maki!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If I were executed tomorrow, I would have a final meal starting with seaweed salad and tuna sashimi, and then a GIANT bowl of homemade soup made from dashi stock with vegetables, udon noodles and homemade wontons, and then finish it off with a big chocolate fondant cake. Hopefully, if there was enough time left for coffee, I would treat everyone including the executioner with a plate of Maki's black seasame cookies with matcha icing. Yum. Best last day of my life :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^ from Zagreb, Croatia

If I were to be executed the next day, I would want 'pita' as my last meal. It's fresh cheese wrapped in pastry and baked. But it would have to be made by one specific person, because she's the only one I know that can make it the right way.

Near Milan, Italy!

As an Italian and a great fan of Porcini mushrooms, my last meal would surely be in fact Porcini lasagna and beef stewed with Porcini... but as far as I'm totally in love with japanese food I would ask for a good ramen bowl with pork broth and tonkotsu+shimeji mushrooms. :)

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Ohioan from the U.S., here!

It's tough to say what I'd pick for a last meal, since I'd probably feel differently about it depending on the circumstances. I know it would be a big one, though, and it would include all of my favorite foods. To drink I'd have cherry Coke, Calpico, blueberry tea and a pumpkin spice cappuccino. I'd have mashed potatoes and gravy, several different kinds of BBQ (including eel and fall-off-the-bone pork rib), ramen with a slice of ham and cooked egg, a Whopper, taiyaki with custard filling, chicken quesadilla, dumplings and a really good steak. For dessert I'd have mochi ice cream, tiramisu, a Dr. Pepper float, and a sample of every ice cream Jeni's has to offer along with some strawbery daifuku and a nice, hot funnelcake with powdered suggar and cotton candy.

Does this make me a glutton? It is my final meal, after all.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Nottingham, UK!

My last meal would definitely chicken katsu curry, from a local Japanese restaurant in North-east London. I haven't had their food in over 6 months since I moved away from there, and it would make my soul happy if I could have the chickeny, spicy bites of goodness one more time, with some thick udon noodles drenched in the same curry sauce. Oh god...

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Espoo, Finland

I would eat a full Christmas meal I eat every christmas! Ham, a great sauce for it, salmon and different kinds of Finnish Christmas meals of which names I don't know in english ^^; And a box full of fine choclates! yummy ♥

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Thanks for the chance to win your book!

Last meal
* carpaccio of raw white fish
* fresh oysters with yuzu zest and a shot of black sugar shoju
* sesame tofu
* yakitori
* fresh yuba
* Eggplant baked with miso
* sticky rice steamed in banana leaves

... I shouldn't be writing this when I'm hungry ... it could go on for hours ...

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I think my last meal would have to be my mother's homemade beef with stilton. (Since reading this site though it might be a negimiso tofu bento!) x Sally, Lake District, UK

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

If I was going to be executed tomorrow, I would want to eat TGIF fried mac and cheese as starter, followed by Chili's fajita and mashed potato. To close it, my mom's fruit pie (It's the best in the world!) :D

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I'm from Paris, France.

My last dinner would be salmon sashimi!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

My mum's porridge. She would cook it with fishballs, tofu and pork. Simple and delicious. I always looked forward to eating it!
(And maybe some bak kwa/barbequed pork slices on top!)


Poor little book - I would gladly like to give it a new home :D

My last meal would be... Kare Raisu with chicken! Because it's one of my favorite yoshoku dishes and i love to cook it either with instant blocks as well as from the scratch.

By the way: thank you for this awesome site, since this is the first time i'm commenting ^^

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Let, me see, the last meal. My grandma's roasted potatoes, vegetable and fried turkey stakes, with gallons of ice cream for desert. Nothing special, but regarding that I hadn't been able to eat my grandmother's wonderful meals, I miss it.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I would like to give this book a home! I'm new to making bento boxes and I'm still building my library of recipe books.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hmm last meal... I guess it would be a multiparter...

some horse steak tartar, pea soup with some sour creme, horse steak with mashed potatoes and some sugar peas, tomatoe and feta salad and potatoe salad, to drink the sweetest non desert white wine that can be found, and for dessert a big piece of my mom's walnut cake and a big glass of water to wash it all down.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hi! Writing from France...
Last meal would have to be Lebanese mezze with grilled meat... Imagine: hummus, caviar d'aubergine, tabouleh, kafta, lamb chops,.... miam!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

South Italy =)
If you were going to be executed the next day, what would your last meal be?
Pizza, definitely. ^^

Floridian currently living in Marburg, Germany. It's cold here!

This is probably a really lame answer, but I think my last meal before execution would have to be Thanksgiving Dinner with all the trimmings and 3 different pies for dessert (pumpkin, apple, cherry). Right now I'm going on year three now without a full-blown, delicious, home-cooked, Thanksgiving meal and I'm really, really longing for it. I'm talking about roast turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, candied yams, a honey-roasted ham-- you know the kind with the sweet and crunchy layer on top! -- and some tasty bread rolls. Let's not forget the cranberry sauce either, I love that stuff.

Newcastle, England, that small funny island near Europe...

I'm new to bento - made my first one the other week after seeing the cabbage ball recipe - sooooo tasty, thank you for sharing the how-to!

Last meal:

quick and dirty: fish, chips and mushy peas (can you tell I'm from the UK?)
tastier: my spaghetti bolognaise followed by my sister's self-saucing chocolate cake

I would then take out my pet genie and get three wishes, one of which would have to be 'I wish I wasn't going to be executed...'

Re: Newcastle, England, that small funny island near ...

(Sorry to interrupt the competition thread, Maki!)

Are you from the good Newcastle, or the other 'under-Lyme' one that is a pretender to the name of Newcastle, and confuses local councils?

If you reside Tyneside, hi! It's nice to know there are other bento enthusiasts in this fair city!

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

I just started cooking bento, this book should help me :D

A guy from Los Angeles.

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hey there

I live in Rueti a town near Zurich (Switzerland).

If I were going to be executed the next day, my last meal would be:

1. tomatoe soup
2. leaf salad with baked mushrooms with french dressing
3. Fried pieces of Polenta with tomatoe sauce and piccata milanese
4. chocolate éclairs

oh - now I'm hungry.... :))

Re: Claim this poor orphaned book ^_^

Hmmm... I'd go for a table with all my favourite foods/drinks to sample from each one : I would probably be sick as hell the day after, but hey... who cares when you're being executed right? :) So here it goes...
tom yam soup, thai green curry with jasmin rice, spicy yam nua beef salad, hiyayakko (cold tofu), Belgian chocolates (my homecountry), salted chips, pommes frites with Flemish stew, bükme (Turkish pastry with lentils and potatoes inside), raki, Polish vodka with grapefruit juice, fresh pistolets with farmers butter and chocolatepaste, green olives, tiramisu, oden stew with tofu, curryworst-special from the fritterie, Duvel-beer, strong Turkish coffee, falafel with garlic sauce,.... needless to say, all this in no particular order :)
If it should come to this, I'm sure I can't wait to be executed :)
Jan (Belgium)

It can have a good home in Southern Calif

Last meal? Such a difficult question because there are so many delicious meals! I guess it would be a very long meal because I would want a little of so many things. Definitely a bit of sushi, a good vegetarian burrito, salmon fettuccine Alfredo with garlic cheese bread and at least a bit of chocolate cheese cake. But I don't plan on doing anything that would require having a last meal. Thank goodness, would be too hard to decide.