Hi! My name is Ashley (You can call me Atomic or Darling or AtomicDarling or any further variation of :p). I just recently began making bento meals for myself and my husband in an effort for both of us to eat healthier and possibly lose weight.

I'm not so great at these introduction things so I'm going to leave it at this for now. I just wanted to say "Hello!" ^_^


Hello everyone :)

I'm Fuchan, I'm 27 and I'm from England.

I have Dyspraxia and Asbergers Syndrome.

I want to make bento because I want to lose weight and because they look cute and fun.

Hey hey hey from Puerto Rico!

Hello all!

My name is Richard. I'm from Puerto Rico and I'm a brand new bentoer. :D I half-finished my first bento a couple hours ago.

I've been reading all about bento in this website. I love the delicious recipes! ^___^

Here is my first attempt at bentos. Please comment. =D

I still have to find out what foods I would like to eat weekly. I guess that's what the weekly bento planner is for. :P continue reading...