Hello everyone :)

I'm Fuchan, I'm 27 and I'm from England.

I have Dyspraxia and Asbergers Syndrome.

I want to make bento because I want to lose weight and because they look cute and fun.

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The Bento and the Pendulum or rather HI from Punxsy PA!

Hello all,
My Name is Tia I am from Punxsy PA. My subject line is poking fun at my self because I have swung back and forth in my decision to start doing bento Lunches. I looked at bentos a year or so ago when I stumbled across Cooking Cute, then I got busy & forgot about it.
Summer of 08 rolled around and I was Diagnosed with PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom, High Blood Pressure, High Cholestorol,Pre Diabetic & food allergies :( Except for the PCOS & Allergies most of the problems can be remedied with exercise & weight loss...and for the last 4 months of 08 I ignored that advice ;)

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