2013 Bento&co Bento Contest announced; starts tomorrow


There seem to be more and more bento related contests these days, but the annual contest held by the longtime JustBento friends Bento&co is still one of the biggest in terms of great prizes and number of outstanding entries. This year the grand prize is a 6 day trip to Kyoto, including airfare if you live outside of Japan! That’s a prize worth flexing your creative bento muscles for. Besides the Grand Prize winners, 20 finalists will receive various bento-related items as prizes. The theme this year is different too: it’s Pasta Bento. Be sure to read all the rules, and I wish you all good luck! I will not be participating as a judge this year….so who knows, maybe I’ll enter too ^_^ (Alas I am ineligible…I’ll have to pay my own way to Kyoto, sniff.)

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The Bento&co Contest winners are announced, plus some personal favorites


The results of the big Bento&co Contest have been announced - the grand prize winner is Huang, who gets to go to Kyoto in September! As I mentioned earlier, I was one of the judges for this contest, and it was a very difficult task indeed to come up with a top 50, let alone a top 20. Everyone was really pushing the envelope!

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Bento vendor news: Voting for the Bento&co 2011 Contest has started


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