Bento contests: Food deco contest at All Things For Sale

I just wanted to alert you to a contest being held by our friends over at All Things For Sale. It’s called the Food Deco Contest, and the top prize is US $200! Anyone can use cash right now, right? ^_^ All you have to do is to make a decorative food presentation that fits in a 8” by 8” space - it can be in a bento box, or even on a plate. The deadline for entries is 29 Nov 2011, 9 am Pacific Time.

Read about it on the All Things For Sale site. They hold quite a lot of contests and giveaways, so you may want to follow them on Facebook or Twitter to keep up to date. (Disclaimer: All Things For Sale is a valued sponsor of JustBento, but I know that people love their wide variety of bento boxes and accessories in all price ranges. Check them out!)

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Re: Bento contests: Food deco contest at All Things For ...

Nice...! If I won, I could buy some really nice Christmas gift for my hubby! Thank you for sharing

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