Powdered tofu?

Hi Maki,

A friend asked me if I could look for a powdered tofu for use in making a Vietnamese dessert that is a kind of gelatin. Do you know what this might be and where could I find it in Japan? Thanks!

Tofu - the Unsung Hero!

Hey everyone,

I've only recently (past month or two) really gotten into cooking for myself. One item I have been experimenting with to some extent is extra-firm tofu.

I've found one really easy way to cook it that I enjoy and love, but I need MORE!

Specifically I like it in bite-size morsels, and as crunchy as I can get it. I prefer not to cook with oils because I have bad skin and the smell always makes me nauseous. continue reading...


Hi people!! :)
the doctor told my husband the other day to stop eating so much fat and greasy meat so I started buying tofu and soy based products.
But I have to dwell with the fact that my husband does not like tofu (except when having miso) so I need easy and tasty recipes to "catch" him.

Something like deep fried tofu seems a good way to start but I have no idea how to do it :(
Is it ok to use olive oil? Can it be eaten raw on salads? Argghhh!
I saw maki's bacon+tofu recipe but i guess it's of no use for us since bacon is greasy meat :(

Please help! >_<
Thanks :D

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What to do with Tofu?

During Maki's Veggie month, I dedicated three out of the seven days of the week to just eat vegetables and fruits. So, it was kinda like being a vegetarian for half the week. Even though, I was thrilled about the month's theme, this was even more exciting! It was a out-of-whim call to do, but in the end it paid off.

After twenty-nine days of this half vegetarian/ half omnivore, I decided to go 100% vegetarian. Risky.. yes... but this site has enough yummies to satisfy me. :]

So! Onto the reason of the blog: since I went vegetarian, I bought a block of firm tofu.... continue reading...