Sesame salad dressing

Hi Maki,

I bought a really delicious salad dressing here in Japan, called "goma dressing," and I wonder if you know how to make it. It's light brown in color from the ground roasted sesame seeds. My children only eat salad if it has this sesame dressing on it! Thank you so much for your help.

japanese salad dressing

Hi Maki,

I've been to a japanese restaurant and I asked a bento bok for lunch. It had (among lots of other things) a simple green salad with a dressing that was to die for. I had it on some other restaurants so I guess this is a common recipe...
The sauce was rather... "solid" i guess it has grated ginger... I'd love to dress my salads with it. Can you help me maki? :D

Thanks!! :D