bento leftovers

Leftover bento

Hey all!
I made a Bento today with last nights leftovers. There are rarely any leftovers at my house so I decided to do a bento :3 I hope you all get a little inspiration from it!

- Mashed potatoes
- peas, corn and the onion from the roast
- pork roast (? my mom cooked it in the crock pot pretty much all day)
- Dole frozen strawberry slices sprinkled with a little bit of sugar continue reading...

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Left-overs bento!

Friday's bento
My friends were amazed at how pretty my lunch look compared to theirs. Taste-wise is pretty good.. though my miso-tamago ended up a little too salty. They're yumm on rice! I plan to make more later..

Saturday's bento. Had group meeting and some leftovers.. continue reading...