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Left-overs bento!

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Posted on MitarashiDango's blog :: Sat, 2009-04-04 23:45

Friday's bento
My friends were amazed at how pretty my lunch look compared to theirs. Taste-wise is pretty good.. though my miso-tamago ended up a little too salty. They're yumm on rice! I plan to make more later..

Saturday's bento. Had group meeting and some leftovers.. Might as well have them for lunch than buying sushi..

They are the most artsy bentos so far.. such that they allow me to be taken by my fiance (Canon EOS 50D) xD
They took about 20 mins to throw together. I'm still a novice, but I'm improving too :x

PS: I cbf thinking about getting a bf despite everyone around me rush me to..

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Re: Left-overs bento!

Your star-shaped .. erm something tin? Is so cute! ^_^
By the way, is that grass jelly? *yummm*

Re: Left-overs bento!

Thank you!! It's a muffin cup and that's coffee jelly :)

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