Suggestions and How-Tos

Forum and community features

Here’s my to to-do/done list enhanced site features. Most have to do with enhancing community features, and giving an extra plus to registered members. I’ll update this list periodically so you can see what new features have been added.

Completed: continue reading...

  • User pics on each account page. How to add a pic.
  • Signatures for comments and forum posts.

How to: Paste pictures from flickr

Go to the photo page of any of your own uploaded photos.

You’ll see a button that says All Sizes above it. Click that and you’ll see a page that lists all the sizes that photo is available in. To fit comfortably on these pages, choose a Medium (500 pixels wide) or smaller size.

Below the picture you’ll see a text box with the code you can select. Copy all of that and paste it into the Comment or Body field here, and press return a couple of times below the code.

Write the rest of your post, submit and voilà! continue reading...

How to: Add an avatar and user pic to your forum posts and comments

You can add an avatar or user pic that appears next to your forum topics and comments, as well as a signature that appears under your comments, on your Account page. Just click the Edit tab on the Account page, and you'll see where to add both.

The avatar/user pic should be a minimum of 80x80 pixels in size. An ideal size is 200x200. JPEG, PNG and GIF files are accepted.

Your signature can contain some HTML code, but no Javascript sigs are allowed since they can cause problems.

Various site issues (mainly for JustBento forum members)

(Update: I am still pondering what to do about the forum here. I have come to the conclusion that for me to personally moderate and monitor a forum on another platform is, not really possible in terms of the time I can spend. Of course anyone is free to start up a bento community anywhere (there are several around already) but I’m afraid I can’t monitor it myself. This site will of course continue to be up and active, and open to comments. continue reading...

Posting comments on articles

I've been trying to post a comment in the Bento4Japan Giveaway article, and I keep getting redirected to the preview page (which doesn't actually show a preview of anything), sometimes with an error message. (At first I tried without logging in, not realizing I'd been logged out; at one point it asked me to enter a Captcha image, which gave me the error message -- after that, I logged in and tried again, but it keeps showing the preview page instead of posting, even though I'm hitting "post comment.") continue reading...

Workflow on login

Don't know how easy this would be to do Maki, but I have a suggestion re workflow. The problem is this: On my work computer, after the weekend, I click on the "Forum topics with new activity" link and I get a huge list because it's been 3 days since I used the site on this computer and it's logged me out. Then there isn't a link to log in again, so I have to click on Forum/Community to get a login link, then when I DO log in, it takes me to my profile. Where there isn't a link to new activity, so I have to go to Forum/Community again, then I can get to where I wanted to go in the first place. continue reading...

Where you live tags

I may be crazy, but I thought I remembered that under each person's name showed where they lived, (if they said) and you could click on it and see who else lived in the same area. I think that's gone now. Why is that? Did problems come up because of it? I thought it was a neat idea.

"Pretty" Links

I'm wondering how to make my links so they do not appear but another word is hiding the link.
I have seen this here several times but do not know how to do it.


I found it!!
For everyone curios: click "input format" and then "More information on formatting options"