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I've been trying to post a comment in the Bento4Japan Giveaway article, and I keep getting redirected to the preview page (which doesn't actually show a preview of anything), sometimes with an error message. (At first I tried without logging in, not realizing I'd been logged out; at one point it asked me to enter a Captcha image, which gave me the error message -- after that, I logged in and tried again, but it keeps showing the preview page instead of posting, even though I'm hitting "post comment.")

I don't want to keep trying in case my attempts are going through, despite the fact that I keep getting redirected to the "submit comment" page. I'm not using any html tags in my post at all -- I even took out the apostrophes since the error message I've seen is "invalid form" (or something similar -- sorry, I didn't write it down). Anyway, my apologies if these multiple attempts have gone through. If they haven't, what could be the issue? I'm using Firefox 3.6.16 (weird, since I thought I was using Firefox 3.8 last week) on Windows XP.

P.S. The preview worked fine for this forum post. Here's hoping at least this post will go through.

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Bento-ing from: › Georgia › USA
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Re: Posting comments on articles

I decided to try one more time in a new tab, while still logged in. This time, the preview worked, as did the submission (it redirected me to the article page, too). I still don't know what I was doing wrong the first time. Again, my apologies if any of the other attempts went through.

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Re: Posting comments on articles

Hi beach, when something goes wrong when trying to comment, try clearing your browser cache...that usually works I have found. (The cache does expire after a certain period, but you can force-clear it as it were when you are in a hurry.)


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