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I’ve boosted the information on the bento archive list - the completed bento how-tos are the heart of the site after all. Instead of just a simple listing of thumbnails, each bento now has the Time needed, Calories, Type and Protein sources (which indicate whether a bento is vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore) indicated. So, now you can scan the page for the bento that suits your time, calorie, or eating preferences.

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Bento List

Thanks for revamping the bento list — this will be very helpful. One request for future updates; could the categories line up so comparing is a little easier (like a spreadsheet — so you can run your eyes down the list of calories quickly — rather than paragraphs)?

hmm, that would require a

hmm, that would require a rather large change in the template, so…please bear with the current format until I have time to do that…

Ooh! Thanks much! ;)

Ooh! Thanks much! ;)


Man, do you ever rock!

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