Lazy easy tea eggs


This is a sort of short-term storage staple. It only keeps in the refrigerator for about 3 or 4 days, but you can make them at any time and they are handy forfilling a corner of a bento box.

There are many more complicated recipes for tea eggs, a traditional Chinese recipe. The boiled eggs are usually meant to be kept in the tea-based marinade with their shells on, carefully cracked all around so that a lovely marble pattern is revealed when the eggs are peeled.

My method is way simpler, and is motivated by the fact that I don’t really want to be fiddling around with peeling eggs in the morning. Since the eggs are totally peeled, the marinade will penetrate it faster and deeper, so you can start using them just an hour after you’ve put them in the liquid if you like.

Lazy tea eggs

  • 3 to 4 fresh hard-boiled eggs, peeled
  • About 2 cups of boiling water
  • 2 tea bags of your choice - I like Oolong, though any black tea would do. (Even Earl Grey can be interesting.)
  • 1/3 cup of soy sauce

Dunk the tea bags in the boiling water, and add the soy sauce. Put the liquid, tea bags and all, in a container you can cover air tight. Put in the peeled hard boiled eggs. The eggs should be immersed in the liquid. Keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Remember that the longer you keep the eggs marinating, the saltier it will get.

You can also use quail eggs (allow for up to 10 for this amount of liquid).

You can use these sliced, cut in half, or even chopped up for an interesting egg salad. Or just whole! There’s a mysterious presence in our house who sneaks these out of the fridge when no one’s looking.

Here’s a more traditional tea egg recipe on Cooking Cute.

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tea eggs

I love tea eggs and that’s a pretty easy recipe. I like boiling the water/tea/soy sauce mixture and putting a star anise in while it’s boiling. It gives it a more interesting flavor.

star anise

Star anise is a good addition, though it can kill the fragrance of the tea I find. It can also be interesting to experiment with various kinds of tea, e.g. jasmine, earl grey, etc.

Green tea eggs

my mum uses the traditional recipe but with longjing, which imparts a lovely green marbled effect… the real secret ingredient though is XO!! it’s a recipe allegedly used by jackie chan’s father, who’s apparently a really good cook.

also, i’ve been following justhungry since i started learning to cook (most recent attempt was Kamo Rosu, sublime) thanks for the fun, and looking forward to more :)

green eggs

green eggs sounds…interesting! I’m glad you liked the kamo-rosu - it is delicious, isn’t it?


When I was little, I used to hate eating eggs. Nowadays, I can’t eat egg that still has a liquid yolk, but.. I always tend to end up overcooking the eggs and burning them or making them less tasty (Gets really gross when you overcook hardboiled eggs and your yolk on the inside turns green from being cooked far too long..)

Any idea if Lapsang tea works with this?

Sure, any Lapsang should

Sure, any Lapsang should work great! Any fragrant tea should do so.

Re: Wow!

If you boil the eggs for only about 15 mins they should be good and fully cooked :)

Re: Wow!

Ok if you want the perfect hard boiled egg this is what you do. Place eggs in water keep on high until at a full boil. Once it is at a full boil cover with lid and turn off heat. Leave the lid on for 15 minutes and you will have a perfect hard boiled egg with a perfect yellow middle. I saw this on food network and eversince I never had even a touch of green on my yoks.

I miss these eggs.. Can you

I miss these eggs.. Can you tell me how many days can I keep them in the fridge?

It rather depends on how

It rather depends on how fresh your eggs are to start with, but they do keep (if completely immersed in the liquid) for at least 3-4 days.

making lunch divine...

I used masala chai and quail eggs. Too delicious and crazy easy. I would like to try it with oolong as well.

Refrigerated eggs?

I'd really like to try this recipe. I have a few questions.
I have 10 unpeeled hard boiled eggs, but they’re 1-day-old refrigerated.
Is it OK to use them on this recipe?
If so, do I need to bring them to room temperature or can they be used straight away from the fridge?
Also, I’d like to serve it hot, how to reheat it without altering the egg texture?


Re: Refrigerated eggs?

Since the eggs will be marinating for a couple of days probably, it's best to start with freshly cooked eggs. So for pre-cooked eggs I'd recommend the soy sauce eggs, which are just as tasty.

Re: Lazy easy tea eggs

Sugoi desu! Omoshiro sou desu!
Wow, I've never heard of this! They look very interesting. I will try and make them and see how they taste.

Re: Lazy easy tea eggs

Re: Lazy easy tea eggs

I have never heard of these until now! However, I cannot have caffeine even in the tiniest amounts. :(

Since I cannot use tea, how important is the tea 'flavor' (or is there one?) Has anyone experimented with herbal teas (sweetened perhaps)?

Re: Lazy easy tea eggs

i've made chai tea eggs add a little vanilla and sugar to sweeten they make a nice little dessert

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