Classic cold-weather mixed vegetable rice bento


A classic Japanese style bento using winter vegetables (since it’s still pretty cold here) made by my mom from bento stash ingredients. continue reading...

Smoked salmon chirashizushi plus sushi rice how-to on JustHungry


Learn how to make sushi rice, plus tips for sushi as bento. continue reading...

What can I do with old(ish) cooked rice?

Hi Maki,

I hope you are feeling better. I said in another comment, I love your website. I re-read my copy of Just Bento about once a week. I've tried out other books, but I still love yours. It's really got me started cooking again and I really love making bentos. I <3 you! continue reading...

Chicken kamameshi rice recipe

Hi everyone!

I'm a bit new here. :) just wondering if any of you have authentic kamameshi rice recipes? Cooked in a rice cooker preferably :) thanks in advance! Been wanting to make this recipe for so long!

How to cook rice in a frying pan article over on Just Hungry

I know that not everyone who follows JustBento follows my other food site, JustHungry. I put my ‘foundation’ type Japanese recipes over there more often than not, while I have especially bento-friendly recipes here on JustBento. Today though, there’s a recipe and how-to for making Japanese style rice (the method should be adaptable to other types of rice) in a frying pan. I know that the subject of whether or not a rice cooker is needed for bento-making comes up quite a lot in the forums, so if you’re looking for an alternative to getting a rice cooker, or just another backup rice-making method, give the good old frying pan a try! continue reading...