Car themed bento!


One more item before I start my weekend. Cartime is a Japanese website about cars, specifically aimed at women. They’ve started a car themed kyaraben (charaben) series, and the first two kyarabenists are both featured in the Face Food book. The one pictured on the left is a most adorable Mini Cooper themed bento by Maki Ogawa, aka “sundae” (her old blog is here). More pictures and recipe in Japanese here. The Mini Cooper-shaped onigiri is made of soy-sauce colored ketchup, and sports a Union Jack made of imitation crabstick on the roof!

The retro-’70s pink flower car in the right photo is by Ms. akinoichigo, who has been mentioned here several times already. Photos and recipe in Japanese. I’ve already gotten just a bit tired of the bentos with commercial characters like Hello Kitty and Pikachuu, so these original bentos are really a nice change. I’m looking forward to what will follow in the series.

(One thing that struck me about the Cartime site itself: Can you imagine a cute, girly site dedicated to car-loving girls/women in English speaking countries? Would there be a ‘that’s sexist!’ outcry? Does such a site already exist? I for one would love a site that told me about the most comfortable and cute driving shoes to buy, stylish car cushions, and the like. Is it an ‘only in Japan’ kind of thing, I wonder?)

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Those are fantastic! If I

Those are fantastic! If I had kids and I did that kind of stuff every day then I’d be good enough at it to make those bento, but right now it’s enough of a struggle just to get the bento MADE! That’s neat though. When I have the time I’ll practice the artsy bento stuff.

I know - I keep thinking

I know - I keep thinking “someday I’ll try to find the time to make one of these”, just for fun! The time never seems to get found though :)

Attractive Bento for Adults

Most of the things that I put into my bento are meant to make it look good to adults (since there are no kids in the house. I am obsessed with colors in my bento and have a guideline for packing: 2 base colors, 3 contrasting colors. For example a bento with Soba and Edumame as the 2 base colors (brown and green) would have orange bell peppers sliced up and set on top of the soba, mushroom slices sitting on the Edumame and a serving of Flowering Kale (purple) either in between the 2 bases or in the corner. If you’re really going for the prettiness factor, something red like strawberries or grape tomatoes can be put in at random spots. Lately I’ve been using buckwheat instead of brown rice (has a richer/heartier flavor) and it puffs while it cooks, so it’s naturally a mix of white and a rich milk-chocolate brown. A good bright color to add to ANY bento is purple, and given the array of naturally purple foods (kale/potatoes/corn/cauliflower/berries/edible flowers) it’s pretty easy to fit it in there even as a garnish if not one of the main dishes. I’d post pictures of my bento in my replies if I knew how! ^_^


If you get a flickr account (free for a basic account) you can upload photos there and then paste the code here from the All Sizes page (as long as the image width is less than 500 pixels that is) Or just point to the URL of the photo on your flickr page :)


I have a new blog that I haven’t put any bento pictures on. I’ll update it tonight and paste the link onto one of my posts in the future. Thanks!

I love your posts on these

I love your posts on these cut bentos!

Those are so adorable!

Those are so adorable!

Too cute!

I love those car bento boxes!! I just splurged on some egg and rice molds, and can’t wait to get them in the mail. I hope to make some cute car themed boxes for my 4 year old, will use your pictures as inspiration. Thanks!

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