Bento items of the week: Hello Kitty theme bento making tools and more


The kyaraben (cute character bento) artist in Japan does not have to go it alone, armed only with basic tools. There’s a big array of specialized tools that she (or the rare he) can use. I saw this company’s products mentioned in several Japanese kyaraben blogs as being easy to use and innovative. And indeed they seem to be.

For example, here’s their Hello Kitty bento kit, priced at 1980 yen. [Update:] The Hello Kitty set is now available at J-List, for $25.


It has three onigiri molds with handles; a cutter that can cut out the essential Hello Kitty and friends accessories (ribbon, flower, nose and ear) from ham, cheese or any flat food; and face punches for your nori seaweed. What more could a Hello Kitty fan want?

This product, intriguingly named Dreamland, is interesting: it’s an egg former that allows the yolk to be shaped. It’s 1575 yen. I rather want one of these.

[Edit:] Bentosupply has a post showing how this works, with photos. (thanks clover!) The eBay bento seller she got it from doesn’t have it listed at the moment unfortunately.


Or how about these mini onigiri molds to make bitesize onigiri? The yellow set has oval, triangle, bear, star and heart shapes, and the pink set has a mini-menagerie of elephant, cat, generic circle, dog, and bunny shapes. Each set is 980 yen.


Here’s their complete product lineup. Click on each picture to go to the product pages, which have very clear how-to photos and examples of what can be made. Note that they are not 100 yen shop level prices, so if you add shipping and other costs they’d be fairly expensive purchases. (The company doesn’t ship overseas, so you’d have to use a shipping service or a good friend in Japan - see below about shipping services.) Still, if you are a diehard kyaraben fan…

(If you are interested in buying any of these featured Japanese bento boxes or accessories and you don’t have a relative or friend in Japan to help you out, try the overseas shipping services listed on this page. Note this is not an endorsement of any of these services since I have not tried them myself, but they do get positive reviews from Just Bento/Just Hungry readers.)

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I bought via eBay the

I bought via eBay the “Dreamland”! It’s amazing, I tried it last saturday.

How does it do that?

How on earth does that dreamland work?! I want one! :D

i wonder how it works too

Sile, I wonder how it works too.

Nolwenn, I’m going to look for it on ebay! I’m intrigued :)

I have the yellow onigiri

I have the yellow onigiri mold set. It’s actually pretty nicely made and pretty simple to use. It’s not clear from the pictures, but I’d say they make onigiri of about 1/3 the normal size. I’m a sucker for anything in miniature and I find the tiny three-sided onigiri to be my favorite. (Although, I do kind of have to admit that I don’t use them all that much…)

Bentosupply has a tutorial on how to use the Dreamland egg mold. It looks a touch on labor intensive for everyday use (for me), but it might be a fun once in a while kind of thing.

I agree with you clover, the

I agree with you clover, the one thing that prevents me from going nuts on these bento gadgets is that I suspect I won’t really use them that much. I bet I’ll just use most of them once or twice and that’s it. Cute to look at though!

Egg Mold

I’d like the egg mold! I couldn’t find one on e-bay today though - if anyone sees one or knows where I can buy one from the US please let me know!!

I did see the other products on ebay and I might have to get some of the bite sized onigiri molds!

so cute i want to cry

i live in los angeles, and bento supplies are still hard to find. i’ve never seen those yellow onigiri molds. i think i’d use the triangle and oval one most too. i did find these bento sandwich molds at mitsuwa in los angeles, but i can’t find any cute onigiri molds. wish i had a friend in japan to ship to me! I really like the nori cutters that make little faces. Does anyone know where to find these in the US?

Nice!!!!!!!! >.<

its very cute!!!!!!!!!!!and so creative!!!!!!!!!!!!

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