Bento Challenge Announced

What is your 30-Day Bento Challenge? For the month of April, what is that YOU want to try to do? It is the beginning of a fun giveaway at Not Exactly Bento! Here’s how it works…

1. Post your bento goals at Not Exactly Bento. Do you want to make sure to pack a bento every day? Every work day? Every Friday? Do you want to pack healthy bentos? Cuter bentos? Fancier bentos? Whatever your personal goals are, list them below. continue reading...

Contest at the Bentocracy

Hi all,
just wanted to invite you to stop by my blog to check out a new contest--win a bento box!
Thank you,

Next Contest thinngie-ma-bob ( That is an awesome word...)

Hi, Maki!!! Just wondering when your next comment/forum contest will be! No rush. I'm just UBER bored so I've been on here practically all day getting inspired(and hungry...:P)

May Vegetarian Bento Contest Voting: Round One, Group B

As I explained yesterday, I have divided the entries for the Vegetarian Bento Contest into slightly more manageable groups. Here are the voting rules again: continue reading...

  • Take a look at the bentos or bento recipes in each group. The entry number is a link to the page for each entry.
  • Select your top 2 favorites in each group.
  • Submit your vote to contestvote [at] justhungry [dot] com, stating the entry number, e.g. “B4, and B8”.