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Stainless Steel Bento Box

Just stumbled onto a stainless steel box for sale for $10 online!
My cubic inches to ml says it's around 850, but that's including the domed lid, and approximate. Good for sandwiches and bulky fruit and salads, probably. But cheap! They also have a 12oz stainless steel bottle with nipple cap for babies, but it says a sport cap is available, I guess on request. Also $10.

Just seen a mega-bento box sale on eBay

Not quite sure this is the right section for this (and it's my own forum! dang!) but anyway - I just saw an eBay listing that may interest people who are looking to stock up on bento boxes. It's a lot of 12 (12!) bento boxes, including many favorites like Lube Sheep, Totoro, etc. I guess they must be used...but hey...12 boxes! continue reading...

Traditional Japanese Bento Boxes & Bento Trays for Sale

Happy Mall has been in business since 1997, selling destination souvenirs
and gifts from around the world. Out of our large inventory, one of our main
specialties is Japanese traditional bento boxes. Our selection ranges from
small to large, simple trays to fancy 3-piece boxes, and are suitable for
daily use or special occasions. Most of our bento boxes are made of plastic continue reading...