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Interested in Yaseru Obento

Anyone got one they want to sell?


Hawaiian or tropical design bentos

i saw one on bento crazy but i cant buy it, im a pacific islander and i would love to own a hawaiian floral print and tropical design bento set, matching bag, box, whatever! =)

600ml aluminium one height bento box

I'm looking for bento boxes that have only one tier and that are about 500-600ml. My preference would go for a metal one. But, this isn't the most important thing. Just one tier bento would definitely be great. I just cannot create in these two tier bento boxes and the tupperware and lock and lock you can find are about 700ml and quite high in comparison to bento boxes.

Any tips?

Ohh --- the lure of GADGETS!!!!!!!

Even though I do not work outside the home I would love one of these just to have it.

Mo:Ben. Stylish, Self-Heating Lunchbox

You might want to look at this!

From one of the other forums I saw the ideas of this person -- she is decorating bento boxes for a class project.



and here is her blog: http://paiselypirate.livejournal.com/

She is planning on selling her extras after her class meets and may do some to sell on Etsy.

Ichiban Kan to ship internationally soonish

This is slightly old news, but anyway - in a Feb. 3rd entry on their blog, Ichiban Kan announced that there are 'major changes' coming their online store site in mid-February. The change of most interest is probably that their new shipping system will allow them to do shipments to Hawaii, Alaska and international (they say they will start with limited countries, so we shall see what they might be). I guess this is very good news especially for people in HI,AK and Canada. continue reading...

Traditional Japanese Bento Boxes & Bento Trays for Sale

Happy Mall has been in business since 1997, selling destination souvenirs
and gifts from around the world. Out of our large inventory, one of our main
specialties is Japanese traditional bento boxes. Our selection ranges from
small to large, simple trays to fancy 3-piece boxes, and are suitable for
daily use or special occasions. Most of our bento boxes are made of plastic continue reading...

Lock & Lock lunch sets found on Australian site

Please forgive me if you already knew about this ...

I found a site in Australia that sells four-piece Lock & Lock lunch sets like the one I used for , but not the same colors.


I have no idea where they'll ship to, I just sort of stumbled upon the site. I have no affiliation with them whatsoever, have never tried shopping there, all that disclaimer stuff.

But there you go, Ozzies, have at it!