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Garnish (a supply store)

I was recently poking around online, trying to find some ideas for creative garnish, when I stumbled across a store called Garnish. Conveniently, even though they don't carry garnish supplies, they do carry a whole lot of "to-go" style food containers and supplies to go with them. A few of the supplies (like the food picks) I've already found at local asian markets. But some of the other supplies (like the wooden berry crate, which would work perfectly for picnic bentos) I haven't seen around. continue reading...

Bento Boxes in Sioux Falls, SD (USA)

Hubby and I found bento boxes here in Sioux Falls, SD. I was absolutely floored! We found a few very cute kids ones at Kidtopia. Needless to say I bought a couple!

Pictures here and here.

Their website isn't working yet. But the store was fun and had delightful unique toys and darling Hello Kitty things too.

Anyway - thought I'd share!

The Donut Lounge

This isn't a store for bento supplies, but it does have several Japanese food related products that I thought were really neat... Plushie foods (like tempura, nigiri, and wasabi), pins, mirrors for purses... etc.


When I found them at a local faire (Maker's Faire), I ended up getting a pocket mirror that says, "Oh Hai Onigiri" :)

Just seen a mega-bento box sale on eBay

Not quite sure this is the right section for this (and it's my own forum! dang!) but anyway - I just saw an eBay listing that may interest people who are looking to stock up on bento boxes. It's a lot of 12 (12!) bento boxes, including many favorites like Lube Sheep, Totoro, etc. I guess they must be used...but hey...12 boxes! continue reading...

Bento Shop on EBay

I wanted to post this because she has the best bento collection I could find on ebay.


This is where I bought my new bento's and she will combine shipping on all items. She has great sets too, I bought this one,
Japanese Bento Lunchbox* Special Haikara Blue All12set*

and this one,
Japanese Bento box* Temari Sakura Blue Complete 17set *
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&i... continue reading...

Otedama (Japanese Juggling and Jacks Game) Sets Available

I’ve started offering otedama sets again. The first of the improved sets is a cute spring green, white, and eggplant purple with tiny flowers, geometric shapes and ginkgo leaves. If you’re not familiar with otedama - it’s a traditional Japanese juggling and jacks type game. continue reading...

looking for the manga cookbook

I'm a nooblet with bentos and I was interested in buying the manga cookbook from any of you who have it and don't want it.

:D I bought a book called Better Bento's or something, but it's a bit too complex with the ingredients. Most of them I probably would have a hard time finding.

So I was interested in the Manga Cookbook since i heard its better for beginners and covers basics.

Sooo, if anyone is selling it or willing to make a kind donation, I'm here.

Buying Japanese Ingredients online in the UK - suggestions?

I hope this hasn't been covered elsewhere; I did scour the forum but I don't see it, so sorry if I missed it!

I am a Japanese cooking enthusiast based in the North East of england, and get most of my ingredients from Japan Centre. They have always proved pretty good, but I've noticed there are a few essentials that I have been able to get on there recently - namely konbu (which I need for yummy vegan dashi - had to get rubbish ol' dashi powder instead) hijiki and whole takuan (better for veggie sushi than the pre-cut half-moons) continue reading...