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Rice substitutes?

So, I'm planning on making bento boxes for my mom and I this year. I'm starting to plan and get ready now, but I ran into a problem, my mom asked if it's going to be rice every day. I told her no, but I'm not really sure what else I could use in the place of rice. I was thinking about quinoa, and noodles on occasion, but are there any other things I could use to replace rice every once in a while?
Thanks in advance :3

Reading Japanese Food Labels

I live in Japan and have trouble reading and understanding everything on food labels. Do you know if partially hydrogenated oils are used in Japanese foods, such as packaged cookies? Do you know what the word for it or "trans fat" is in Japanese or how to write it? Thank you!

Gomen, Gomen, but this has nothing to do with bento...

I needed someone's opinion. Should I get a Harajuku or a lolita costume?!!
Go to party city dot com and click see all teens they are on the 3rd or 4th page next to each other! Thanks in advance!!!!!!

P.S-It's Japanese right?^^'

Next Contest thinngie-ma-bob ( That is an awesome word...)

Hi, Maki!!! Just wondering when your next comment/forum contest will be! No rush. I'm just UBER bored so I've been on here practically all day getting inspired(and hungry...:P)

storing uncooked rice

Apparently, my family isn't the ONLY one in the house that likes white rice. continue reading...

This is probably a really stupid question...

Ok, so I just went to Chinatown NY and I jot my First ever bento box!!! But I also got an onigiri mold ( Though I really didn't need it:P) and an egg mold since I can't read Japanese... yet ... I don't know what kind of egg you're supposed to use, like a soft boiled one or a hard boiled one help!! Thanks a bunch maki-sama!!

miso furikake?

i love the taste of miso- is there a way to make miso-tasting, miso-containing furikake?

Posting photos from computer picture file to blog

I am brand new to writting a blog and would like to know how to manage my photos on my pc so that I can upload them to my blog. They are uploaded into a Picture File on my hard drive. Any guidance would be appreciated. Do I have to upload to flicker first?