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A long-time Miso question

Hello JB! :D This is my first forum I create, and it's a question that has been perplexing my little mind for quite awhile. :] I am wondering three things:
1) What is the differences between the types of miso *red, white, etc.?
2) What kind of miso is best to use for miso soup?
3) Is there a way to make the condensed miso (like I've seen for other soups) to pack into a bento?
Thank you very much for your time minna,

green tea

I have always used the twinings green tea that comes in teabags and I was wondering (and I guess it is stupid question) if japanese green tea is very different from chinese or indian green tea... Also, is the flavor of tea made from tea leaves very different from that of tea made from teabags?

Japanese Cookbook question

Do you have a recommendation for a cookbook in Japanese that has all the basics of Japanese home cooking plus lots of recipes - a sort of Japanese equivalent of Mrs Beeton's cookbook? Pref with some pictures, to help me with my fairly basic Japanese language skills, whicn I'm currently trying to brush up again. A few years ago I spent 4 months in a homestay in Sapporo and have kept a note of the tasty meals we ate most days - I'd like to re-create some of them, but haven't got a clue where to start. continue reading...

Nori sheet

Hello Maki :D I love your website and your posts have been helpful and entertaining.

I was wondering if you could suggest, is there any substitute for nori sheet? because I don't eat nori/ seaweed. The main use is for making cute face using onigiri punches.

Thank you

sriracha chili sauce

I bought some sriracha chili suce but I do not know how to "use" it. Actually, I do not even know if it is something suitable for japanese dishes... any suggestions?

how to make matcha paste

Hello Maki (and everyone else out there)! continue reading...

shiitake mushroom

are dried shiitake mushrooms very different from other dried mushrooms, or if I don't have them I could just use, for istance, dried porcini mushrooms?


I know what furikake has in it but what are you supposed to do with it? I've been using it for years to season rice but have no idea if that's what it's for.