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Moss temple in Kyoto

Hi Maki,
I've browsing your "Just Hungry" site and found the Kyoto trip reportage, it is wonderful, as are the pictures. At the last week of July/beginning of August I'll be in Kyoto for 2 weeks, one for holidays and one for a congress, and I've been browsing around for things to do.
One thing that I would really want to do is to visit the "Moss temple", the Kokedera, I love gardens and moss, and in the heat of summer it sounds like the perfect place to be, quiet and fresh(er). continue reading...

Japanese coffee equipment

Recently i've noticed a renewed interest in pour-over coffee.
Prominently used by Intelligenstia Coffee are Japanese drippers, carafes, and a very cool kettle by Hario. Blue Bottle Coffee in San Francisco features an 8-hour "Kyoto style" drip coffee. continue reading...

Fuki (Japanese Butterbur) Tsukemono Recipes


I grow fuki (Japanese Butterbur) and have been hunting for recipes that don't call for it canned. I have found a few sites that explain how to prepare it for cooking - salting, boiling, peeling the stalks, etc. - but very few recipes, and no fresh tsukemono/pickle recipes for the stalks, the leaves, or the flower buds/stalks. Do you have, or know where I can find, any? continue reading...

Crispy Rice In A Rice Cooker

Help! I keep getting crispy rice at the bottom in my rice cooker. I have followed the directions for the rice itself and also for the cooker. I am using white rice (Botan brand), and I wash it and let it soak overnight so it is ready in about 4-6 hours for morning bentos and breakfast. Any help please?


So I managed to find a tesco near me that sells Daikon (well mooli) so I now have a lovely piece but I am quite unsure what to do with it. Could I just use it like radish as well as in some Japanese cooking? And would I be able to freeze it?

What to do with kirimochi?

I'm visiting Tokyo right now (until Monday only! :( ) and was given some kirimochi (hard mochi cakes). I was wondering if Maki had any recommendations on how to cook/prepare it? I've been looking on the internet and so far all I've seen is frying it, or cooking it in the microwave oven, with soy sauce, etc. Any other ideas?

Thank you :)

How to find my favourited recipes

Hi Maki

I am having difficulties in accessing my justhungry favourited recipes. Usually I start on justbento, choose 'Your favorites' and get a list of my justbento favourites and a link to my justhungry favourites. This link now does not work for me. I get an error message.

Have I got some set-up problem or is there a website problem?

Is there a way of getting to my justhungry favourites directly from the justhungry website?

Don't waste holiday time on this. Whenever you have time will do.