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Hi From Costa Rica

Hi! I'm new here, I'm so glad I'm finally able to log on to the forum, I learn about bentos from a online friend and I'll start doing them this week, tomorrow is my first day of work after 2 weeks of vacation and my goal is to eat healthy this year, no more take out food, hopefully my wallet will love it and it could me good for my weight too.
I'm off to read the forum, and hopefully make new friend here :D

Greetings from Northern Virginia!

Warm Greetings from Northern Virginia. My name is Rachel, but people call me Rach. I've been doing obento boxes for about three months now, but I've been neglecting my obento blog due to my loss of a camera. Thankfully I just got a new one yesterday. :) I already own two obento boxes and several different obento supplies to make my obento kawaii. :) continue reading...

Hello from the UK!

Hi *waves*

Finally able to join in with the bento love. I've been making bentos for a while now and using this site so thought I'd finally join. I'm a student in Nottingham (in the UK) and make bentos for myself as it's a heck of a lot cheaper than getting a meal deal everday. Plus I just think the idea of a bento is absolutely cute, economical and efficient (trust the Japanese to come up with it!). That and I really need to lose a bit of podge! >.<

Anyways, hope to post more often and learn more from all you lovely people here, especially the lovely Maki :) xx

Hello from Maryland

Hello everyone. As you might have already guessed I am new here at Just Bento. I got a suggestion from a friend that it might be a good way to control portions. I asked for a rice maker for Christmas and managed my in-laws gave me a Zojirushi 3 cup rice maker and warmer. I hope that it is a pretty decent one. I am still very much a novice about these things. They also bought me a cute bento box and some light saber chopsticks. :) continue reading...

Happy Christmas - gift for you

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! and ¡Felices Reyes!

Here's the virtual gift I've picked out for all the forum's readers:

But there's more!
Select your choice:

Then open the pdf files for your very own bento/dollhouse/dollshop/dollrestaurant kit.

Hope you enjoy them!

Hello Im new here and new to Bento!

Hi all, im Vicky and im from England. I love oriental cookery, and have just ordered my first bento box. I am going to start making recipes in the new year and hope to lose a little bit of weight as well as improving my lunchtimes! Hope to chat to you all soon :)

12/5 is Day of the Ninja - will you be making a ninja bento today?

Day of the Ninja is my favorite under celebrated holiday! I'll be celebrating today with my Day of the Ninja post on my shop blog and attempting a ninja bento. Anyone else up for a Ninja Bento Challenge?

Hello from ottawa

Hi I live in ottawa and my interest in japanese cooking came via miso soup. If anyone has any information about where to look into bento lunchboxes in ottawa I would be most grateful!