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Busy mom saying hello

Hi all.
This is my first post. I'm a mom working two jobs and trying to get away from daddy sending t.v. dinners to the baby sitters. I'm just now getting started. Interested in making some of the cute stuff, but may not go totally japanese since my kids haven't eaten anything Japanese yet unless you count bourbon chicken at the mall food court.

They do like my americanized rendition of stirfry, but much prefer their nuggets. I'm a personal fan of German food having lived there six years and think some of it may render itself to easy bento boxes if prepared in advance. continue reading...


Get well soon!
hoping for a quick recovery for you!



Hello everyone :)

I'm Fuchan, I'm 27 and I'm from England.

I have Dyspraxia and Asbergers Syndrome.

I want to make bento because I want to lose weight and because they look cute and fun.

Ohayo from Ohio

Heh heh, not really though. It's night time right now. Anyway, hello, I am Amber and I'm relatively new to Just Bento. I found it one month ago and now I'm a member in possession of my very first bento. It's a pleasure to meet you all.

Hello from Kobe! ^^

Hi guys! I'm Liz (Kalei is my webnick), a Filipina exchange student currently living in Kobe, Japan. I've decided to start making my own bento to take to the university, and this site is extremely helpful. Though I haven't read them in detail, I've seen some posts for dormers/college students/people with small budgets. :) Just what I need!

Looking forward to sharing ideas with you guys! :D

Hello from CT!

Hi everyone!

I new to this bento-making and started making bento lunches for my picky 3.5 year old daughter. I work fulltime, have 2 daughters (3.5 yrs and 7 months) and just started a bento blog to document my novice adventures. I have a lot to learn which is why I'm here. But I am happy to report that my picky eater - who was previously sending home 80-90% of the lunches I sent with her to daycare - is now eating about 60% of the lunches I send. I call that progress! I'm happy to be here and can't wait to learn a lot from you guys!

College student here!

Hello everyone! I'm luzzy and I just joined this community a while ago. I like making bento for myself, but since I'm new, I don't really make fanciful ones.

I often post my bento on my blog

Nice meeting all of you! :)

Sashiko Supplies in the US?

I have a lovely book on sashiko embroidery - but no real sashiko supplies to try it with. I'll tinker with my cotton embroidery thread and thick needle until I can find the real thing. But does anyone know of a US based supplier for the thread, needles, thimble, premarked patterns/fabric (for a beginner), etc.?