The Watering Hole


I'm Hope from Missouri. I've recently become a homeschooling SAHM. Can 3 years ago be considered recent? Anyway. Got started doing bento because my son wants to live in Japan some day. Sounds funny to type it out but that is the way it started. Learning to make Japanese dishes has been so much easier than learning to speak Japanese!

Looking forward to see what everyone creates!

Hi there!

I'm happy to be here! I hope to make some positive changes in my eating habits this year, and I am going to make Bentos part of it. I live in Northern California, Bay Area. I love japanese food and love koi.


I'm Shelly in Bloomington, Indiana. I carried bento to work for lunches infrequently last summer, but fell out of the habit. I'm hoping to really kick start the new year with the Bento Challenge. I want to make healthy lunches that I'll look forward to eating, and if it can help my waistline, so much the better!

I spend a lot of my spare time reading, knitting, and learning to use my new Canon Powershot.

Hello There!

Hey there, Im Lauri from Long Island, NY.
I got into Bnto making when I was (mis)Diagnosed with Celiac disease and needed to be on a Gluten free diet for two years. Now (no longer, never was celiac) I still make bento lunches for my husband and I because spending over $20 for us to eat lunch out is just not in the Budget. My Bentos are usually food shoved in a bento box, and not exciting. But im hoping to work on that. Im a housewife and Full time student studying Japanese and Linguistics. I hope to move to Japan one day, love Knitting and Hello Kitty!!

How about you?