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H-hello there

Hello and hajimemashite. I'm Ame from Chicago and I'm completely new to bento. Um, I'm not really sure what to say here. heh.

I got into all of this stuff through manga/anime and I'm trying really hard to learn Japanese. I'm really interested in culinary arts and such, (I'm concidering making it my new major) and Japanese cuisine is just the thing for me. I'm an omnivore, although I cook for a lactoseintolerant vegetarian (which makes this harder), so I want to learn some recipes to please us both! continue reading...

English version of kakeibo

Does anyone know of an English version of a kakeibo? Does on exist?

Just saying hi


So, I'm Sakura from Germany. I'm 25 and an apprentice for IT specialist. Meaning I write programs. :P

I got interested in japanese cooking and culture through manga. I bought all Japanese themed cookbooks I could get (not to much at that time), and in one there where some tips for making bentos.I tried it and made one for my boyfriend and he liked it. So it became a weekly thing and I make him one for every meeting of our roll playing group.

Besides cooking and baking I like to read a lot, play RPGs (Pc and P&P) as well as other videogames, paint miniatures and do jigsaw puzzles.

Hi from Berlin :)

Wow, forgot to post here... I'm currently on writing my diploma in control engineering and since I'm going for a career in research I'm basically an university-live-in. I get out only to go to the gym, since I'm an active kick-boxer, training at least 5 times a week. I also do a million of other things, like comic book reviews and (latest hobby addition) a bento blog. Right now, spare time is a great luxury, I hope that this might change one day! Though in academia it probably won't... continue reading...

Hello from San Francisco!

Hello everyone!

I'm Samantha, and I'm living in beautiful Noe Valley, San Francisco. I'm a transplant, having just moved from the east coast. (Boston/NH seacoast area). My new kitchen is fantastic, with space for my Bento supplies to grow, so I'm supremely excited! And down the street is Omnivore Books on Food (, the most amazing food book and cookbook shop, so I felt at home right away.

I've been making Bento for several months now, although I grew up bringing my lunches to school, so really it's just full circle. continue reading...

Hi, everyone!

Hi, I'm a Ph.D. student/TA at my university's English department. I started getting into bento a while back, but I've been getting rusty over the holidays. I would love to make my bentos more attractive and more healthful. Even though I've been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for almost 15 years, I don't always eat healthy. The bento challenge sounds like a great opportunity for me to improve my meals.

SW bento-lover ISO other bento-packing vegetarians

I live in northern California, near Stanford University, which is where I work.

I started bringing bentos to work about a year and a half ago. I was drawn to the money-saving aspect, but I was mostly interested in packing healthy, tasty, well-balanced, vegetarian meals for myself.

After being a devout vegetarian for fifteen years, I have recently begun eating some fish again. Still, over 95% of my lunches are completely vegetarian, and a good number of them are vegan. continue reading...


I'm happy to have found this site and am learning from all of you on the Flickr group page.

My children have been using Laptop Lunches for the past year and a half. I have been making them healthy, balanced lunches, but often I will leave the house without eating breakfast and without packing myself a lunch. I'm using the Bento challenge to make sure I make a lunch for myself, too.

I'm a vegetarian (as are my husband and kids). We have a nice farmers' market, so I base my menus off what's available at the market and go from there with my menu planning.