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Hello from DFW

Hey all! (or should I say y'all, to sound more authentic? XD )

I'm Neveth, I live in the sea of 'burbs surrounding Dallas, TX.

I love Japanese stuff in general and bento is such a nice way of spicing up what I eat. I get into mealtime ruts so bento at least lets me change things up day to day even if I do end up eating the same stuff every week.

What have YOU got out of the Just Bento/Hungry sites?

Obviously there are the recipes, but I've found that I've benefited from these sites in rather unexpected ways. Particularly now the forums are up and running. By answering others, and checking the accuracy of those answers, I've come across valuable information I didn't know.

- There was a recent post on Kimchi. When scrabbling around for some suitable links I discovered that New Malden (a small town on the outskirts of London) is the most densely populated area of Koreans outside of the Korean peninsula (over 30,000). continue reading...

hello from Maryland!

I'm a long time fan of the site that just bought her third bento box today and figured that I may as well admit my bento-bsession and stop lurking! I actually came to bento from the book "Japanese Women Don't Get Old or Fat" by Naomi Moriyama. I learned how to make Onigiri and became quickly addicted then stumbled upon Just Bento in my search for more Onigiri knowledge. It is the best bento site that I have found by far and I've yet to use a recipe I didn't like.

Thanks and hello!


I'm on the road and a bit behind

Hi everyone. I've been offline for 2 days, with good reason though - I've finally moved out and am now officially homeless! Thursday was moving day, where we put most of our worldly possessions in storage. (And the moved was supposed to only take about 3 hours, and ended up taking all day). Today we drove for 8+ hours and are now somewhere in France. I couldn't get online Thursday (well actually I could have but just dropped down dead as soon as we got to the hotel) and well, here I am online finally at 1:30 AM on Sat. So, any pending questions and stuff...I'll try to get to tomorrow. continue reading...

Another Swiss Bento Fan

I'm from Switzerland and just discovered Bento. I think it's a healthy way to eat when you can not be at home. I'm very creative so it's really fun to see all the cute Bento boxes and get inspired by them. Hope to post some pics soon, as I don't have a Bento box yet (but will order one soon).

Hello from Louisiana

Hello All! I'm a big Just Bento fan, have made several of Maki's recipes, and always look forward to a new post from her. I'm just finally getting over here to register for the forum, though I've been reading for awhile unregistered. :)

Hello from Switzerland

Hi everybody,

I'm Ginette, from the french speaking part of Switzerland (Geneva area). continue reading...

Hello from Alaska!

Hi everyone!

I may not be in Alaska right now (I'm currently in Minneapolis, MN for schooling) but I intend to go back home to wonderful Alaska come May.

I started looking into bento during a product design project, I'm an illustration major and I was making a custom bento box for my little sister, who speaks fluent japanese due to years of classes. I thought it would be a nice birthday gift for her, but I had no idea that Bento making would be so fun. continue reading...