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What's this? You're so short...

Haha, I enjoy making short jokes about myself xD

Hello! I'm Marova, though you can call me Maro. I have been off-and-on bentoing for a few years and I have the gross pics to prove it! wouldn't believe some of the crap I made Dx continue reading...

Hai, im new

Hai all :]
my names Breanna, but you can call me Bre ^-^

I have known of bentos for a while now, ive attempted to make a few but they didnt turn out the greatest ^-^**

so i thought i would join this community =^-^=

Id love to make some new friends on here :D

n make some awesome bentos for my senior year, n get to eating better before i go off to college ^-^

Just in~

So, hello every one.

I am new.. Er, so hi? I've been looking for a good site for healthy Japanese recipes and this was the best one I've found. (Everything else more or less didn't provide enough information, and that aside, I haven't really found one that had you get active with it. In this case here, the forms.) continue reading...

Hi, new here.

Hi, I'm a single mother of a 5 month old girl. I've known about bento for awhile but was never really interested in making them but the more I thought about it, the more fun it sounded like.

Hey All!

Hi Everyone

Im Vikx! "stands up waves sits down*

Just got in to Bento and really want to take it on!

Hi to you all and hope this will be an great and informative place for me to find out more about Bento!

hello all

Hi, I love a lot of things about japan, and i have always wanted to learn how to make bentos for myself. I feel that it can help me get rid of the unwanted pounds, and it looks fun too. Well, hello to all again, and I love the site


Uh, just thought I'd pop in and say hi! I've been lurking about the sight for about a month now and finally got around to signing up!

So, uh, Hi? :)



I've always had healthy rice based packed lunches since I was little, and when I got into high school and started watching Anime (which is decently popular in the Philippines, where I grew up), I became interested in Japanese culture and cooking, and of course, the bento.

I'm trying to put together a retinue of dishes I can put into a bento for my Fiance's lunches, and I found this site while searching. I've been reading a lot of the stuff on here, which all is very impressive (my lunches, while healthy enough, are never that visually pleasing).